Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

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  • Recently (today is 08/30/2016) I saw a Fort Worth PD car that was displaying an upside down American flag above the windshield.
  • Easy there tiger. Calm down. It will be OK.
  • Malcolm X had to me a pleasant speaking voice.
  • I am listening to this as I write.
  • Last night over dinner my friend quoted Johhny Dangerously multiple times- a movie we had never discussed even though I have known him 20+ years. Interestingly, we had rewatched it weeks or maybe a few months apart for the first each in 10-15 or even more years. My cheeks still hurt from laughing.
  • I had brisket sausage for the first time in my life. It won't be the last though.
  • You could not force me at gunpoint to be a cop- a profession I once considered seriously enough to get some college credits toward a CJ degree.
  • George Armstrong Custer's family would have called him Armstrong except for his own mispronunciation of the name when he was a little boy.
  • They called him Autie. 
  • Somebody I have to deal with on a near daily basis is demonstrably a malignant narcissist- as in a by the book, line by line, check the boxes malignant narcissist psychopath. 
  • George Goodfellow was an interesting character

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