Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Huitlacoche is good. I eat it- I like it but when you see it in a restaurant they church it up by calling it a truffle. Ask what it is and the server will tell you, It is a mushroom that grows on corn. It is in the same kingdom as mushroom- fungi but that is where similarities end. It is a smut that infects corn with spores. 
  • Who would eat it if they knew it was a disease and it was openly offered as, "Corn Smut Quesadillas"? 
  • We fed grasshoppers and our used gum to harvester ants last (09/16/2016) night at Holland Lake.
  • We are going to the Indian Pow Wow at Traders Village today. 
  • I am rereading Empire Of The Summer Moon. This will be at least the third and maybe fourth time I have read it this year. It is a great book about my favorite Indian (Quanah Parker), a favorite tribe (Comanche) and a favorite time period in US history- the 1860s in general and Plains Indian War period in particular. 
  • There are multiple mind blowing trivia things regarding Blazing Saddles but my first two biggies would be that John Wayne was offered the role of Waco Kid but declined as it would be too blue for his image. The second bit of trivia that always makes me say, Wow when I remember it or see it in print is that Gig Young was actually cast in the  role but was fired after he collapsed on the set secondary to alcohol withdrawal (or being blind drunk- depending on which source you want to believe).
  • I have no hate in my heart but medically there is something dreadfully wrong with Hilary Clinton.

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