Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday's Missives

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  • Last night (today is 07/16/2016 @0503) I dreamt I visited a factory that made sleeping bags that used body bags for covers. My eldest son worked there and helped design them.
  • The official name for a body bag is Pouch: Human Remains. They come in boxes of ten. An old friend would swear that one of his Army units issued everybody one and soldiers had to carry it in their rucksacks in case they became casualties.  In Iraq we carried reflective burn blankets that were to do double duty- burned people would of course be wrapped in them to treat for shock but dead folks could also be rolled up and then the roll would be secured with 100mph tape.
  • My first encounter with body bags was helping move some stuff around in the supply room of K Troop 3/11 ACR in Bad Hersfeld Germany. The boxes were big but did not weigh as much as intuitively one would guess for their size so it made us read the label on the side of box.
  • Pouch: Human Remains 10 ea.
  • This morning I was the first commenter on a Youchoobs video. I do not think that has ever happened to me before.
  • For some reason I recently took note of the average cost to build a pool in my area. It was cheaper than I thought it would be by about half - it is rare for me to get something like that so wrong.
  • I awoke this morning thinking about grilled shrimp and steak.
  • Two patients- one a male the other female whom we know live together refer to each other by turns as brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend and husband and wife. Good grief, you wild and crazy kids- get your stories straight. 
  • Regardless of any other consideration- they think everybody else in the world is as stupid as they themselves are.
  • The overnight forecast calls for humidity to be nearly 80%. How can that be so without it pouring rain? I mean come on universe!
  • There are tons of bookmarks on my tablet and I make new favorites frequently but I have never referred back to any of them- ever.
  • Russian TOS 1A MLRS in action. Wow.

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