Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

I wanna party with these guys!

  • For the past few days there has been a late model Ford pickup on the side of the road with a lawn mower and string trimmer positioned tantalizingly over the tailgate. Today (08/19/2016) it was moved a mile or so down and pulled well off the road and the hood was left up. My first thought was that it was some kind of bait vehicle as there was no way a guy would leave his tools in it like that- even if he had to walk with them when the truck broke down. Seeing it repositioned this morning confirmed my suspicions.
  • Yesterday I left the office early. This morning when I walked into the office there was work left for me in my chair marked IMPORTANT! It had filtered through 3 other people and nearly 12 hours of time to get to me. Two of said previous people are more more qualified to handle the issue and it is closer to be being the job of one more than me.
  • They will miss me when I am gone.
  • Yesterday there was a presumed dead body on the Insterstate covered with a sheet. I don't know if they were a pedestrian, ejected from a vehicle or were riding a motorcycle or what. I have tried to find out the who, what and why without success.
  • High performance and/or customized semi tractors have always interested me and I have thought them cool since I was a kid.
  • Once on a road trip we got stranded in the middle of nowhere when one of dad's crappy cars broke down. It was about a billion degrees. We waited a long time before a guy in a real pretty  new Peterbilt pulled over and gave us a ride. It was worth all the suffering as far as I was concerned and was one of the cooler things that had happened to me up to that point in my young life.

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