Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

Evil Cows Meme

  • The good- the really good stuff from my Army service: I got to fight a war, I served in Germany during the height of the Cold War and I served at Fort Hood- a couple of hours away from home and the Texas Hill Country. I was a recon specialist in both the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and First Calvary Division. As a boy I literally fantasied about serving in those 2 units. 
  • Last night (it is 0727 on 01/04/2015) we saw The Lady In The Black Dress 2. There will be spoilers- in the last bullet, so stop at the next to last if you haven't seen it. It is good- a very good, solid movie. I like period pieces and as these go it looked great- the sets, the tone and costumes. A quibble: it was a bit overrun with cheap tricks- spooky hands reaching for an unsuspecting victim who sense something and turning sees nothing there. There were shots of a spooky apparition being seen out of the corner of a characters eye then the spook disappears. In at least a couple of scenes tension is built and as you're about to break- boom you and the character are startled by an innocuous run in with a rambunctious child running through a house or another character basically jumping out and saying, Boo! but the story was good enough to forgive these low hanging fruits. 
  • So we're sitting there and I smell dirty feet- nasty stanky, dirty, funky feet. There was a heat to it and it made a bad taste in my mouth. It was so overwhelming, random and the fact it started 15-20 minutes after we were seated made me start to wonder if it were an olfactory hallucination when bang, a big ole foot in a cotton tube sock plops down between the seat backs one seat down from me and on to the arm rest. She had taken her shoes off several minutes before she assaulted the arm rest with that funky drop kick. The person directly behind me would exude the odor of inflamed gums and rotten teeth every time he laughed or leaned forward to stretch his back.
  • We dined at Mexican Inn on 8th. They serve you corn tortillas with real butter- no charge and without you asking. Their chips are like like Fritos and come out hot and will make you want to slap your momma they're so good. It has been in business I think since the 20s. We ordered a side of queso and I had a (not terrible) glass of sweet tea. It cost us 27 bucks to walk out the door.
  • As is often our wont in my part of the world we drove through North Side and downtown on our way out. I love Fort Worth's downtown. Thanks Bass brothers. North Side seems like a place to get into a lot of trouble and maybe die but I go. 
  • Spoilers in the next bullet point...
  • Anytime you see a movie and a character is named Eve watch for a theme to be something regarding a sin she committed bringing about some type of calamity on the rest of the people in her circle. If her love interest's back story has him causing the loss of lives entrusted to him and that history has rattled him to the core and nearly destroyed him- he has to die saving somebody to be redeemed and  TLITBD 2 is no different.

  • Thursday, April 28, 2016

    Thursday's Thoughts

      Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes #Funny quotes

    • This past weekend (07/25/2015) we went to MWSP and rented kayaks. Once the worker put said 'yaks in the water Zac asked , So, how do we do this? I don't know bubba- stay in the shallows and paddle around until we figure it out I guess. was my honest reply. In the end we figured it out and had a blast.
    • Recently I read a supposedly true account of hand to hand combat in Iraq by one of our troops. It read like a reenactment of the hand to hand scene in Saving Private Ryan and another movie with updates and flourishes to make it seem more realistic. Interestingly, he goes to lengths before and after that story to name names of people who saw his exploits but he seemed magically by himself when the mano e mano brutalities started. I'm not saying it didn't happen but if I was a sceptic and looking for holes to punch in the story- the similarities to the movie version of hand to hand and lack of witnesses would be the first places I would go.
    • A year or so ago I made the mistake of sending some flowers by Proflowers after hearing about a special deal on the TICKET. They actually billed my card more than the price before the supposed discount at checkout. I complained- they offered a 20 dollar discount on my next order. I am literally exhausted from the Emails I receive from those awful people every time I tell somebody I am thinking of them or I am sorry from injustice they have suffered. What would it take to ruin them? They deserve it.
    • Anway, if you do business with them you are a moron and deserve whatever they do to you.
    • Ha.
    • It is 0435 on 08/07/2015. Earlier two prostitutes came into the place I was having breakfast and picked up tons of takeout.
    • It is 1956 on 08/08/2015 and I am watching Serena. If not the worst movie I have ever watched- it is definitely the worst I have seen today.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    Wednesday's Digressions

    Scarecrow meme hay

    • Recently a video showing a person from Planned Parenthood alledgedly negotiating the sale of baby parts has emerged. There is not much of an outrage apparent except from pro lifers. I do not care what you think about abortion- if they were discussing the sale of puppy and kitten parts (even if euthanized legally and humanely) there would be incomparable outrage. You could just about bet that by now people would be dead and there is not a chance some people's houses would not have burned. There is something wrong with that fact- it is a big, huge stinking problem that demonstrates everything that is wrong with how we process and act on information.
    • Supposedly Caligula had the head of Incitatus chopped off. I have my doubts especially as I think we have been told that by Suetonius. Take anything Suetonius tells you with a grain of salt I always say- don't you?
    • Do I have to take back thinking Suetonius said that about the death of Incitatus? Except for the mention in a blog and a couple of forums now that I look it up I can't find the source for the origin of that story.
    • I would like to see the obelisk Caligula had brought from Egypt to Rome.
    • A funny thing about Caligula- it was actually a nic name which he disliked. It meant, Little Boots.
    • Thanks for tuning in to Psychotic Roman Emporer Talk with your old buddy Kev!
    • A new watch and pocket knife are on my list for myself for Christmas presents. 
    • Scott Weilland died last night. The DJ I first heard the news from this morning referred to the death as shocking. It may be a shock to the system of his fans but the death was far from surprising.
    • This morning (04/05/2016) I started In Bruges. I knew they would probably say, Bruges and even, In Bruges early on so people who didn't know how to pronounce it and wouldn't be stressing over the pronunciation and they did say it 3 times in the first 4 minutes but I am about 19 minutes into it and it seems like they have said, Bruges 23 times. I have heard nothing but good about it and yeah- so far- so good.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    That Was A

    pretty good day.

    Monday, April 25, 2016

    Monday's Missives


    • Recently (today is 02/24/2016) I saw a conference room that was packed with women. What was the subject matter you ask? It was a how to seminar on breastfeeding. How did we get we get to this point?!
    • First world problems...
    • Both of my take out places know my number on caller ID or if they miss that they know my voice as soon as I start speaking and say, Hey Kevin- how are you? You want your usual?
    • There were two big shockers from my visit to Winstar. The first was how overwhelming the experience was; the lights, the sounds- literally stimulus overload. They must do this to disorient you. They allow smoking in there and not only the fact that smoking is allowed there- the raw numbers of people present who smoked was a mind blower. The smell permeated my outer layer of clothes to the point even my underwear stank to high heaven. I was nauseated, coughing and my eyes were still burning the next day.
    • The manager at Cracker Barrel in Gainseville has managed another one I have visited- maybe in Oklahoma? We had never eaten at the Gainsville location but knew for a fact he was familiar.
    • Back to the casino- I Do. Not. Get. I was not even tempted to gamble and cannot comprehend why a person would be tempted. It must be the way we are wired.
    • I love the Red Green Show and have watched it since the first episode. Graham Greene played Edward KB Montrose- my favorite character. He was a hard of hearing First Nation explosives expert.
    • Earlier today a friend saw me me limping and holding head (I am in bad shape) She asked, Do you have a headache? Yeah, it is kinda bad and my back is bothering me. I replied. Do you want an ibuprofen? she asked. No I think I will be OK. I took a Naproxen already. What about a Vicodin? She asked in all seriousness.

    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Wednesday's Digressions

    Top 50 Funniest Memes Collection #memes #best

    • Overheard at another table, Well I've certainly got nothing against young girls but some of them bring it upon themselves- they're so forward...
    • Wow.
    • He was was a leader in a church I used to attend.
    • Your life pro tip: when some butt wipe starts off a conversation by saying he has nothing against a group of people- he is lying.
    • Tried to Watch Blade Runner last night again. I know it is a great classic, I love the idea and yes it even has its moments for me but I can't get into it. I have fallen asleep at least twice watching it and another time got bored and quit.
    • I wish they would remake it.
    • Ate at the Woodshed Saturday (08/22/2015). It was very mediocre but hey, at least it was expensive and hot.
    • In case you didn't know- part of their bit is no A/C. Yes, you read that right. A hundred degrees with a heat factor of 104 death by fire and you sit in a crowd of people in a semi enclosed area. A couple of the servers and hostesses looked like they were literally about to fall out with heat exhaustion.
    • The music was really good though. It was interesting to hear a female cover a Beatles song.
    • Sunday we had brunch at Vintage in Weatherford. I had the gloppiest, greasiest, sorriest fried chicken in the history of the world but on the plus side I didn't have to drive that far to get it, so there is that I guess.
    • My Nook will no longer download books. I presume the downloads are getting redirected secondary to some malware and so the download fails but I do not know.
    • Fear Teh Walking Dead premiered last night. Verdict: skirt not blown up but withholding judgement.
    • Yeah, I saw the,"Teh" instead of The up there. It made me grin so I left it.

    Wednesday's Digressions/Old Draft Clean Up (on aisle 6)

    • There is some concern being expressed in the news over Russia's deployment of S400 antiaircraft missiles to Syria. Uh, maybe a bigger deal is their deployment of electronic warfare units and equipment. They can use it for shenanigans that don't involve killing folks but that may be just as provocative.
    • A natural fact: Turkey has to be the biggest buyer of IS's illicit oil.
    • There are kids sitting next to me that must have been out duck hunting this morning.
    • It is 0932 in the morning and pouring down rain. I am going home to take a nap and I don't care what you think about me.
    • A guy at the table next to me just made the mistake of asking a lady how her life is going. Her car is leaking. She is 10 credits away from her degree- why is she working here? Her husband's back is out. Her dog is sick...
    • Recently I found out what a big deal an exes new guy is making over her. Believe me bro- she ain't all that great.
    • A childhood friend always talked about Camp Hoblitzelle. As a result of this I begged to go to a summer camp. Although I remember mom saying she would find another besides it I have no recall of the name of the one I did get sent to. We did a rote painting of a lake scene with mountains and trees reflected in the water. I tried so hard and it came out pretty good and I was unbelievably proud. After bringing it outside I laid it on a dumpster to dry while we played dodgeball. When I came back to it the wind had blown it over causing it to land face down ruining my masterpiece. I cried like a baby.
    • I think it may have been then I began my long descent into madness.

    Monday, April 18, 2016

    Monday's Missives

    • I am going to start learning the violin.
    • At work there is somebody who has indicated to others she has something of an understanding of peoples issues with their kids as she faces some of the same things with her pet dog although she has no children or spouse. Reports are that multiple people have had to restrain themselves to keep from strangling her when she brings up the subject. Personally, I felt sorry for her when I first heard that was her viewpoint. Honestly- it was one of the saddest things I have heard in a while.
    • Yesterday (01/13/2016) at the doctor's office I opened the door for an elderly lady who was using a walker and halted outside the glass door. Part of the reason (besides being an inveterate gentleman) I helped her was I thought she might be waiting for help and assumed that was why she paused. As I opened the door she had a weird, almost shocked look. As she passed by me her countenace changed to an oddly embarrassed expression.  I realised as a fragrant aroma hit me full force in the face why she halted outside the door; she wanted to cut a fart before she walked into the office.
    • Phew. I mean wow lady- something may be wrong with you baby. Tell the doc about that and get it checked out or somethin'
    • This morning I finished (again) Treasure Of The Sierra Madre and then immediately afterward watched it again with the commentary running. It is literally a great and nearly perfect movie. The casting for every character exibited genius.
    • Tim Holt who played Curtin was wounded on the last day of World War II and received the purple heart.

    Friday, April 15, 2016

    Friday's Dispatch


    • A long favorite song that I would have sworn was done by somebody else- Belly Feed The Tree although I have no idea who I thought actually performed it.
    • Did that make any sense?
    • Another from the misspent days of my ute, Plimsouls A Million Miles Away. I knew of the Plimsouls and I remember this song well but I would have bet somebody else did it.
    • My daughter will spend the night with me tonight (10/29/2015) without her brother. I cannot recall if that has ever happened.
    • I have mentioned it here before but a patient who had been in the US for something like 33 years could not speak a lick of English. How is that even possible and where else would that happen? Again, the biggest thing that jumped out at me about that situation was, how is that even possible? Wouldn't a person have to learn a little just by osmosis?
    • The bottom of my left foot is killing me. It awoke me at 0400 this morning and I had to put it on ice.

    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Thursday's Thoughts

      20 Inappropriate Humor quotes #inappropriate #humor

  • Nobody really likes Jazz- right?
  • I'm watching Hot Rod as I write this at 0602 on 03/18/2015. It has its moments.
  • The new laptop fever is burning well- feverishly. Best Buy is still on probation for their terrible service related to my car stereo last year so I may look at the Wal Marts or do a factory direct thing but I don't know. The idea of a convertible appeals but I don't know if they're worth it or not.
  • I just watched a bit of the Don Imus show. Do. Not. Get.
  • My children will be here tonight- I have missed them like crazy.
  • Sometimes lately when I open my mouth a certain way (as in a yawn) saliva squirts out. It has randomly started over the past several months. A kid I went to school with could do that on command. He would set a paper target up 2 or 3 feet away and take bets. I saw him spray a fly from the same distance once in the cafeteria. That is cool. Randomly doing it is not. I probably have salivary gland cancer or something stupid.
  • Last  night (03/21/2015) I dreamed about hanging out with Charlton Heston. While we were together I was constantly debating telling him what his roles meant to me when I was younger and how I looked up to him etc.- which to my knowledge is not true.
  • Here is an interesting Rolling Stone article on Bowe Berghdal.

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Wednesday's Digressions

      • Cats are interesting animals from a survival stand point. Drop a male and female off somewhere and come back two years later they will have gained 2 pounds and be great great great great grandparents. Drop a male and female dog off and come back in 2 years and they will have been dead for well- 2 years.
      • I want to try and start exercising more. I walk a bit but that isnt enough and I've turned into a slug. Really, I don't guess I even have any work out clothes.
      • If you need something to help you sleep try melatonin. Dollar Gen carries the Rexall brand. Diphenhydramine can work but will hangover most people who are naive to it and guys who use it chronically may incur an enlarged prostate. Try a low dose first at least and use it as little as possible.
      • The season 5 finale of Walking Dead is tonight. Honestly no one could be more surprised than I how caught up I got in that show. It is the first show I have never missed by design. There were a couple of others I watched pretty faithfully back in the day though- Friends, Cheers and. Seinfeld come to mind.  
      • Walking Dead and American Horror Story are nearly perfect. 
      • Keiths Bagofnothing looks nothing like it did when I found it. When I came back to it after an interval I wouldn't have thought it could have changed so drastically. I wondered if he sold it, it had been hacked or a guest blogger went nuts.

    Monday, April 11, 2016

    Monday's Missives/Old Draft Clean Up (on aisle 7)

    • Word on the street is McDonald's is in trouble and is actually closing hundreds of stores. They have already changed how their services are provided and are trying new [and some surprisingly good] menu items. I look for craziness though as they seem a little desparate- tofu on a stick, sushi tacos and veggie burgers etc.
    • To me there are few things better than sitting on a porch and watching a storm roll in.
    • Myth-Land- what I'm reading. It was written by F. Edward Hulme
    • The S in Harry S Truman's name didn't stand for anything- it was just an S. Isn't that weird?
    • A lot of crazy news bits seem to involve  a Wal Mart or Florida or a Wal Mart in Florida.
    • Vitamin B6 is used to treat or prevent numbness to the feet. Oddly, it can also cause numbness to the feet.
    • One of my former patients would hear nothing of her having dangerously high blood pressure as she said, There is nothing wrong with me. God will take care of me. If her BP stayed within the range it was when I took her pressure she was absolutely on target for a stroke or kidney failure and as for, God will take care of me- he was trying to take care you, you big dummy- he sent you me.
    • This morning (05/22/2015) I awoke at about 0330 and went to IHOP for coffee and pancakes. When I got back home I read for a short time then dozed off for an hour and awoke feeling great and then went to work. Maybe I'm on to something...
    • All the news is aflutter about a Bandidos informant to DPS supposedly supplying information that brothers in the military are supplying their members with grenades and C4 to retaliate against Texas law enforcement. Bullcaca. You should know it is bullcaca because everybody involved has every reason to lie and/or believe what they want to believe.
    • Learning To Walk Again

    Saturday, April 9, 2016

    Saturday's Situation

    • I just read (4/20/2015) Ben Affleck has supposedly demanded some TV show suppress the fact one of his ancestors owned slaves.
    • You gotta take the lumps with your gravy buddy.
    • This morning (04/23/2015) I saw a bumper sticker that read, Corporate Media: The Rich Telling The Middle Class To Blame The Poor. That doesn't make sense- does it? Regardless, it isn't a fact nor even just an opinion. It is the product of a world view that I obviously cannot comprehend.
    • Also this morning a  guy came so close to striking my mirror as he nearly sideswiped me while he was texting and smoking I literally have no idea how he missed me and then within 5 minutes a lady in a Benz came over into my lane while digging through her purse.
    • It is a Mad Max style wasteland out there- I tell ya.
    • Loneliness hardly ever bothers me consequently when I do get legitimitely lonely it is crushing and I have a hard time dealing with it.
    • To be filed under schizophrenic- literally psychotic:  In Syria, Jihadis funded by the CIA are fighting Jihadis funded by the Pentagon.
    •  I weep for the species.

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Friday's Dispatch

    • Recently multiple people have told me I inspired them to get out more and explore our great nation state of Texas. Some go to the same places I've told them about and some have told me about other places. It is good to know for once that my life is more than a cautionary tale and even an inspriration for some good.
    • As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest. I keep searching for something that I never seem to find but maybe I won't- because I left it all behind.
    • At work we have to get approval before we chest X-Ray a pregnant patient although for everybody else a nurse would order it. Recently, I asked the tech if he wanted me to confirm the doc wanted a chest X-Ray on a pregnant patient I wanted to X-Ray. After I confirmed it I came back and said, Doc says yeah- he wants her X-Rayed. Nuke her 'til she glows in the dark. He says when that baby comes out- it better have some kind of seriously cool superpowers or we are all in trouble.
    • That is the kind of bits I do.
    • Pork butt and grilled shrimp- its what was for lunch.
    • Pork butt- the only thing more fun than saying it is eating it.
    • The seating at the new Playa Maya in Hudson Oaks is weird. The tables are small and the seats in the booth force you up against the table. The floor was covered in something so slippery I nearly couldn't stay on my feet.
    • A minute ago (today is 07/10/2015 @0733) I saw a video of a UPS driver kicking a customer's dog and then shoving and menacing the owner when he intervened. He may not have ruined his life with those antics but it will haunt him and make said life way harder than it had to be.

    Thursday, April 7, 2016

    Militant Missives and Political Posturing/Old Draft Clean-Up (on aisle 7)

    • My first thought when we learned Russia had ground troops in Syria and had been conducting airstrikes? We just lost the world.
    • In an interview I just watched, President Putin correctly said to the effect, If the West is so worried about us hitting the wrong targets why don't they share their data with us?
    • Love or hate President Obama- you have to know the Russkies would not be handing us our rear ends like they are if a Bush or Reagan were President.
    • Part of the reason we got involved in a war with Iraq in 2003 was our leadership wanted a do-over to correct mistakes made in the 1993 war. Part of the reason the 2003 war went so badly was we failed to realize- the Iraqi leadership was also ready for a do-over.
    • You don't really get a lot of chances for a true do-over in war.
    • Bill Clinton is hard to not like or not trust.
    • A couple of days ago I heard Hillary Clinton talk about her roots and to the effect of how her faith informed her decisions. It seemed very disingenuous.

    Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    Wednesday's Digressions/Draft Clean Up

    • There is a guy in McDonald's whom I see here often. He talks to himself and makes noises while he eats. I imagine his street name to be Sketchy.
    • Your healthcare advice for the day coming from a nurse: If your doctor does a bit- run, don't walk away from them. It will catch up with them and you don't want to be the end of that line.
    • My doc is a slightly pudgy, balding super smart white guy who does no bits that I am aware of. I come in and he says, What brings you here Kev? Well, A, B and C I reply. Well, I am going to prescribe you this and recommend you stop _______ and start _______. Is that a plan? Sounds great doc. I say and I walk out.
    • No bits.
    • A laptop with a 17 monitor doesn't look that ginormagantuan until you use it in public. Man, I feel conspicuous.
    • Does somebody make a light up emblem that mimics Apple's that would go on the face of a laptop cover? Your know- like a yellow banana or something to cover the HP emblem?
    • Somebody should if they don't already.
    • There are at least 3  make that 4 videos out right now of cops straight up murdering people. Sometimes context is everything and without it you may not be able to believe your own eyes. Sometimes all you need to see are eyes.
    • Whoa, that was pretty good.
    • I almost always misspell eyes as eys the first time.

    Monday, April 4, 2016

    Casino Communique`

    • Walking through a casino for the first time is overwhelming.
    • The cigarette smoke surprised me- I reeked when I came back to the room, had a headache and was nauseated.
    • There are drink stations where you can get tea, coffee and sodas for free.
    • The number of apparently poor and relative lack of apparent well to-do people surprised me.
    • The room is gorgeous; although the bed is a maneater. It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning.
    • There is an Ellen Degeneres gambling machine.
    • Black people may be slightly over represented in relation to their population numbers but I am not sure.
    • Winstar reports 30 mil in payouts for last month.
    • A lot of disabled people were there last night.
    • The number of people with kids in the hotel surprised me. They probably get chunked in the hotel room with their Nintendos and a cable remote and become gambling orphans.
    • Swingers from the Metroplex meet up here to swing. I saw a pair of couples I bet were here for swappin'.
    • 2: the number of prostitutes I identified.
    • Us reprobates can pick each other out in the crowd.
    • This place is ginormous.
    • The carpet is very well padded and comfortable to walk on.
    • The buffet is good but more expensive than I would have guessed.
    • Good grief- there is a Dairy Queen up in here.
    • Cool- there is also a Panda Express.
    • Most of the housekeeping staff are white.
    • Bud Lite seems to be the beer of choice.
    • WWWIHBST inquired about playing Bingo. The cost floored me (70 bucks for electronic) and (30 plus) for paper. 
    • I wanted to glance down at the floor and find a chip/token whatever and then walk to the nearest table and say, Bet it allll on black 13! and win a million dollars but was  thwarted by a 70 year old lady. Yes, part of the daydream did happen. As I looked down at the floor there was a chip laying there plain as day. Before I could make a move, granny looked down and after a quick left and right glance used her toe to slide it back to herself and picked it up and slid it in her purse.
    • I got my eye on you granny. You foiled me once but never again.

    Friday, April 1, 2016

    Friday's Dispatch

    • Barry may have been the reason I discovered the great documentary Zoo. I believe he used the term fantastic and if he did, he was correct.
    • There may be more thought provoking and challenging documentaries that could start more conversations about a subject most people would rather forget but I haven't seen it.
    • While searching for Fark the other day I accidentally tapped a link for Farrah Abraham.
    • I still feel dirty.
    • It rained all day today (03/22/2015).
    • Chicken fries annoy me- I mean what are they?! Are they fries? Are they chicken? What kind of madness are they?!
    • And boneless wings- what are they all about? Aren't they just Chicken McNuggets?
    • If you are away from your house and your car starts reluctantly check for funny sounds and odors while watching your gauges. Do not shut it off and head to an Oreilley's post haste. They will test your charging system for free and install a new battery if you need to buy one. If you think of that hard start as a fluke and try to finish your errands or whatever you will get stuck somewhere.
    • I know it is an old gag (and just the Internet anyway) but recently somebody wrote, "You sir win the internet" to a funny comment I made and it made me feel good.
    • It is 03/28/2015. Last night I had dreams seemingly all night where plane fuselages rigged with parachutes were dropped near me to test recovery systems.
    • The dreams were probably triggered by watching coverage of the Germanair plane crash.

    Friday's Dispatch

      Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes #Memes

    • When I feed my fishy friends they will knock each other out of the way to get to the cream and green colored flakes but won't touch the red ones until there is nothing else left.
    • My Panda Express order was something less than great this weekend and that is rare. One of the good things about that place is it is normally as good today as it was yesterday and as good as you can safely  presume it will be next week.
    • If you are a supervisor regardless of field if you make the health, morale and welfare of your staff a priority the rest will take care of itself and they will take care of you.
    • Weird the lessons that follow you from the military.
    • Instead of getting a minor task I had asked of her over and done with my teenager was dragging her feet. So my Army ingrained response was, Come on- this wasn't intended to be your retirement project- get this over with and get it done! We're on your time now!
    • Lulz
    • When I hear songs from the days of my ute it strikes me as odd how many I like to hear today that I didn't like then and I still don't care for now- it is just good to hear them.
    • Nostalgia. I has it.
    • Recently a charge I made over a month prior was deducted from my account. It was legit- I recalled the exact amount and location but yeah, the purchase was made 32 days prior. Why and how does that happen? As I understand it some smaller merchants are not paid in a timely fashion by the card companies so said card companies can profit from the interest but a month later?!
    • This morning I started the first season of The Office on DVD. It is great. It reminded me it was my first exposure to uncomfortable comedy. The office supplies in the Jell-O was a good bit but it was the first time I ever saw it although yes- I knew it was a thing.
    • My children's great grandmother was born on Valentines day. I like that for some reason.