Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday's Missives


  • Recently (today is 02/24/2016) I saw a conference room that was packed with women. What was the subject matter you ask? It was a how to seminar on breastfeeding. How did we get we get to this point?!
  • First world problems...
  • Both of my take out places know my number on caller ID or if they miss that they know my voice as soon as I start speaking and say, Hey Kevin- how are you? You want your usual?
  • There were two big shockers from my visit to Winstar. The first was how overwhelming the experience was; the lights, the sounds- literally stimulus overload. They must do this to disorient you. They allow smoking in there and not only the fact that smoking is allowed there- the raw numbers of people present who smoked was a mind blower. The smell permeated my outer layer of clothes to the point even my underwear stank to high heaven. I was nauseated, coughing and my eyes were still burning the next day.
  • The manager at Cracker Barrel in Gainseville has managed another one I have visited- maybe in Oklahoma? We had never eaten at the Gainsville location but knew for a fact he was familiar.
  • Back to the casino- I Do. Not. Get. I was not even tempted to gamble and cannot comprehend why a person would be tempted. It must be the way we are wired.
  • I love the Red Green Show and have watched it since the first episode. Graham Greene played Edward KB Montrose- my favorite character. He was a hard of hearing First Nation explosives expert.
  • Earlier today a friend saw me me limping and holding head (I am in bad shape) She asked, Do you have a headache? Yeah, it is kinda bad and my back is bothering me. I replied. Do you want an ibuprofen? she asked. No I think I will be OK. I took a Naproxen already. What about a Vicodin? She asked in all seriousness.

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The Donald said...

I actually was a bit surprised when I went to WSWC to see JB, that my clothes didn't stink when I got home. We maybe spent 1 hour on the floor before the buddy and his wife played some video blackjack or such, and he was going to play a live game, but couldn't find a table/game he liked.

Like you, gambling has no allure for me. I was in LV in 1999 for a trade show, and played a few nickel slots (leaving with a thin surplus), but I can't understand the people who sit transfixed at those machines. Chacun à son goût, I suppose.