Monday, April 4, 2016

Casino Communique`

  • Walking through a casino for the first time is overwhelming.
  • The cigarette smoke surprised me- I reeked when I came back to the room, had a headache and was nauseated.
  • There are drink stations where you can get tea, coffee and sodas for free.
  • The number of apparently poor and relative lack of apparent well to-do people surprised me.
  • The room is gorgeous; although the bed is a maneater. It was hard for me to get out of bed this morning.
  • There is an Ellen Degeneres gambling machine.
  • Black people may be slightly over represented in relation to their population numbers but I am not sure.
  • Winstar reports 30 mil in payouts for last month.
  • A lot of disabled people were there last night.
  • The number of people with kids in the hotel surprised me. They probably get chunked in the hotel room with their Nintendos and a cable remote and become gambling orphans.
  • Swingers from the Metroplex meet up here to swing. I saw a pair of couples I bet were here for swappin'.
  • 2: the number of prostitutes I identified.
  • Us reprobates can pick each other out in the crowd.
  • This place is ginormous.
  • The carpet is very well padded and comfortable to walk on.
  • The buffet is good but more expensive than I would have guessed.
  • Good grief- there is a Dairy Queen up in here.
  • Cool- there is also a Panda Express.
  • Most of the housekeeping staff are white.
  • Bud Lite seems to be the beer of choice.
  • WWWIHBST inquired about playing Bingo. The cost floored me (70 bucks for electronic) and (30 plus) for paper. 
  • I wanted to glance down at the floor and find a chip/token whatever and then walk to the nearest table and say, Bet it allll on black 13! and win a million dollars but was  thwarted by a 70 year old lady. Yes, part of the daydream did happen. As I looked down at the floor there was a chip laying there plain as day. Before I could make a move, granny looked down and after a quick left and right glance used her toe to slide it back to herself and picked it up and slid it in her purse.
  • I got my eye on you granny. You foiled me once but never again.


RPM said...

Been there a few times to play poker. I like playing tournament poker. You pay your entry fee then play with chips for a share of the entry pot. You can't lose more than your entry fee and can possibly walk away with a nice bit of coin. Playing in non-tournament games are an entirely different kind of gambling, altogether. Thou can lose thy ass. The poker rooms are smoke free which includes vaping as I was quickly and sternly informed.

Winstar isn't just ginormous, it's the gimormousest in the world. It makes Vegas casinos look tiny. They have a nice concert venue, too.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Mike- Huh, didn't know that about how tournament poker worked. I think vaping is frowned on as it shocks people sensibilities- not because it is actually harmful/rude to other people. It just doesn't look right.

VERY nice venue especially as if you stay in the hotel you can walk down to it from the room in about 12 minutes. I saw Gary Allan there.

The Donald said...

Have only been there once, to see Jackson Browne awhile back. When I saw the concert room/hall, I didn't expect much in the way of acoustics, but was pleasantly surprised.

I went with a high school friend and his wife (we didn't do any swapping). He was going to do some blackjack, but couldn't find a table/game to his liking. I am not a gambler, myself.