Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

Evil Cows Meme

  • The good- the really good stuff from my Army service: I got to fight a war, I served in Germany during the height of the Cold War and I served at Fort Hood- a couple of hours away from home and the Texas Hill Country. I was a recon specialist in both the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and First Calvary Division. As a boy I literally fantasied about serving in those 2 units. 
  • Last night (it is 0727 on 01/04/2015) we saw The Lady In The Black Dress 2. There will be spoilers- in the last bullet, so stop at the next to last if you haven't seen it. It is good- a very good, solid movie. I like period pieces and as these go it looked great- the sets, the tone and costumes. A quibble: it was a bit overrun with cheap tricks- spooky hands reaching for an unsuspecting victim who sense something and turning sees nothing there. There were shots of a spooky apparition being seen out of the corner of a characters eye then the spook disappears. In at least a couple of scenes tension is built and as you're about to break- boom you and the character are startled by an innocuous run in with a rambunctious child running through a house or another character basically jumping out and saying, Boo! but the story was good enough to forgive these low hanging fruits. 
  • So we're sitting there and I smell dirty feet- nasty stanky, dirty, funky feet. There was a heat to it and it made a bad taste in my mouth. It was so overwhelming, random and the fact it started 15-20 minutes after we were seated made me start to wonder if it were an olfactory hallucination when bang, a big ole foot in a cotton tube sock plops down between the seat backs one seat down from me and on to the arm rest. She had taken her shoes off several minutes before she assaulted the arm rest with that funky drop kick. The person directly behind me would exude the odor of inflamed gums and rotten teeth every time he laughed or leaned forward to stretch his back.
  • We dined at Mexican Inn on 8th. They serve you corn tortillas with real butter- no charge and without you asking. Their chips are like like Fritos and come out hot and will make you want to slap your momma they're so good. It has been in business I think since the 20s. We ordered a side of queso and I had a (not terrible) glass of sweet tea. It cost us 27 bucks to walk out the door.
  • As is often our wont in my part of the world we drove through North Side and downtown on our way out. I love Fort Worth's downtown. Thanks Bass brothers. North Side seems like a place to get into a lot of trouble and maybe die but I go. 
  • Spoilers in the next bullet point...
  • Anytime you see a movie and a character is named Eve watch for a theme to be something regarding a sin she committed bringing about some type of calamity on the rest of the people in her circle. If her love interest's back story has him causing the loss of lives entrusted to him and that history has rattled him to the core and nearly destroyed him- he has to die saving somebody to be redeemed and  TLITBD 2 is no different.

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    Denney Crane said...

    Mexican in has been one of my favorites for 30 years. Little has changed. Nothing fancy, just good food and easy of the wallet.