Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • Something I have done that you have not: Jimmy open the door of a primate house of a zoo with a pocket knife and step inside and look around. It was stinky and unnerving.
  • Yes- and stupid and incredibly irresponsible.
  • I mean that was 30+ years ago. What if they had gotten out? They would have evolved into being our masters and we would be in cages and doing odd jobs for them by now.
  • Longmire isn't awful but is a bit simplistic and predictable for my taste.
  • I love driving in the rain.
  • A friend was in a car that was struck by a drunk driver. Her sister was killed. The drunk went to prison for what I thought was a shockingly long time. It was such a long time it caused me to ask (or really more or less state) So, I can guess it wasn't her first DWI?! My friend replied, No, no it was her first offence. It wouldn't have been so bad for her except for the way she acted on the dash cam. She was screaming at the cop who responded and cursing him and calling him all kinds of nasty names.  Is it just me or did that scenario ( which I am sure is both true and correctly related) not make any sense? She just killed someone and we're freaked out over her being unlady like?! Was it her attitude that bothers us? What if she was bawling her eyes out saying she was sorry and fainted-  would that somehow make it better?! Why would we then presume some kind of sincere remorse instead of assuming she was just well- drunk but was still aware she had just ruined her own life and ended another?
  • Today is 10/27/2015. Man, the moon has been big the past couple of days.


RPM said...

I can just see you screaming "Get your stinking paws off me you damned dirty ape!"

I'm a fan of Longmire. Is is perfect? Not by a long shot. Is it more entertaining and better written than your average cookie cutter network cop show set in NY, LA or Chicago? Hells to the yes.

el chupacabra said...

Hola Mike: Ha, for sure. In my defense- I was led astray by some older utes that day.
I concur with your obseravations on Longmire.

The Donald said...

Carp! Mike used the quote before I could. Well played, Sir!

el chupacabra said...

Ha, yeah- I was puzzling over who would get there first. Mike won the Internets that day.

Mike said...

Sadly, the woman who just killed someone probably would have received a lighter sentence if she'd have acted differently on the scene.

Nevermind that someone is dead..the jury can see her behaviors toward the officer, they probably didn't show the dead body.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Mike- Yeah, i presumed that to be true but coming from you truly confirms it.