Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TOW Talk Tuesday

Bradley TOW Missile

  • War pron: TOW missile compilation. Man- some of those shots show some talent, experience and training. Missiles are being bent around obstacles and leads made around obstructions and terrain. I mean- holy smokes some of those guys are good.
  • 3750 meters: if I recall correctly the maximum effective range.
  • When I first qualified with the TOW2 the max effect range was classified.
  • 12 pounds of Octom: if I recall correctly the amount and type of explosive.
  • It is pronounced, toe and stands for Tube launched Optically tracked Wire guided.
  • The smallest tank turret might weigh 20 tons and could be blown completely off a tank by the force of a TOW detonation.
  • Why would a crew not see it coming or hear it launch you ask? Well, they might see it launch if they are looking at the launch site at the exact moment one is fired- maybe but they would have to process the launch as a launch in the first place and not a mortar strike or whatever on the launch site itself and then act appropriately. Wouldn't you see fire and smoke from the rocket? No, it doesn't shoot flames out and leave a smoke trail like a bottle rocket. As for hearing it- it travels nearly the speed of sound. It travels slow enough to not make a big sonic boom as it passes the speed of sound but fast enough for the detonation to reach you about the time the report of the launch does,
  • It is nasty is what I'm saying.
  • It is nasty and cheap as missiles go and is nearly 50 years old,
  • People  like to gloat that the ones being seen used in the M.E. these days against forces ostensibly liked by the US are being killed by a US made product. Easy there tiger- a lot of those are reversed engineered Iranian products.

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