Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday's Missives

Flat Earth Memes 58 (13)

  • Recently as of this writing (today is 4/1/2015) there has been some news about transgendered people. I was reminded of the teasers you sometimes might hear on 1990s tabloid trash daytime televison that would say something like, Coming up- can you guess this lovely lady's secret? To which my inner minds sarcastic response was always, Uh, do you mean besides the fact he is a rather beat up looking man dressed as a woman with expert lighting, make up and camera work?
  • Every few years there is a story about some guy killing a cross dresser after they hook up for The Seks. There is no way  the killer didn't know. He just felt ashamed afterwards and in his sick mind he was able to easily check off 2 items from his list of  fantasies: do it with another dude and kill somebody.
  • Thanks for tuning in to cross dressing and murder talk with your ole buddy Kev!
  • I look forward to watching the new Mad Max. It might be one to watch on Imax. The trailer looks pretty awesome. Some writers were saying it is basically a 2 hour car chase.
  • The previous sentence is from an obviously old draft- I have seen Mad Max Fury Road 2-3 times now.
  • During a conversation at work yesterday somebody mentioned Michelle Pfeiffer playing the role of Antonio Montana's girlfriend in Scarface. If you knew me you would say, Nah man- there is no way you did not know that! It is true though- I couldn't have told you if my life depended on it.
  • Recently a Cuban immigrant came into the clinic wearing a Scarface t shirt. I didn't know what to make of that.

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The Donald said... it with another dude and kill somebody.

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