Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

20 Inappropriate Humor quotes #humorous

  • Once I met a woman whom I had sort of admired from afar after a few friendly interactions. She was maybe not hot per se but she definitely had it going on. Somebody told me a bit about her- she did a good work at her job, made lots of money, was well educated and nice etc. So I thought I would be interested in meeting her and maybe get to know her. Holy smokes that voice! She sounded like a constipated Minnie Mouse.
  • Two times this past week (today is 03/28/2015) I saw two wrecks on 30 where cars were struck from behind and the wreckee's cars ended up 200 plus feet down the road in a ditch. The safe money is on texting.
  • Still enjoying Danger 5 although for me it is as I have learned more well suited to occasional individual episode viewing as opposed to binge watching.
  • I am giving Garfunkel and Oates a chance. I don't know where I saw those girls before but I remember hilarious musical bits.
  • When my dad died for weeks or even months afterward I would occasionally hear a car door close outside about the time he would normally come home from work. I would go to to the front door and no one would be there; not even somebody next door- nobody.
  • Somebody I know has a family member whose sexuality is debated. She said she wanted my opinion on the subject. She said, So my husband gets invited to his house to watch the game. He said to my husband, We're also going to have a pillow fight... He's gay. I blurted out. Wait there's more she said. He is gay I said bluntly. Yeah I guess so she said with some resignation and oddly as if she really needed confirmation from me.

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Mike said...

Uhh, yeah, you properly made that call at "pillow fight!"