Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday's Dispatch/Old Draft Clean-Up (on aisle 7)

  • Texas DPS has been conspicuously absent for months on my commute as they have as I understand been sent South to protect us from potential roofers and landscapers. If speeding is the killer they say it is and their ticket writing is not a money making racket as they say it is not- my drive time would have been a Mad Max style death fest every single day for the past several months.
  • If you drive the posted speed limit (without or without cops along the way) you will absolutely be a road hazard. At about 10 miles per hour over you will still be getting passed by everybody but at least you may not get yourself killed. Most people drive about 15-20 MPH over. The only wrecks I have ever seen commuting over many years and hundreds of thousands miles over the same route were cars rear-ending each other while  rubbernecking cops stopping people, several that were weather related and 2 that were probably caused by somebody texting and randomly rear-ending other cars.
  • Regarding a Nepali born business acquaintance somebody said of him, You know, it was the craziest thing. Another Nepali guy he had never met- never even seen before came into the office and told him he had locked his keys in his car. Without missing a beat Arjun gave the guy his keys- to his rental car so he could go home and get his extra set of keys.
  • Listening to sports talk radio is so mind numbingly boring I tune it out while waiting for the Observation Deck with Gordo in the TICKET and it becomes sort of like background white noise.
  • When a pro sports team talks about rehab, counseling, mentoring.. for a player who has committed some heinous crime as opposed to firing him immediately; I know the guy is not only capable or average and he is sure not borderline in his talents- he is a star performer and the team has sold their soul to the Devil to keep him- no matter how awful he is and terrible his crime(s).
  • The news this morning (04/17/2015) was about the fall of towns to ISIS near Ramadi in Al Anbar and the threat to Ramadi itself. It specifically mentioned 3 small villages near Ramadi. There were 2-3 small villages toward Ramadi that I dealt with during my tenure in Iraq. Interestingly, in one the people there seemed to like us (or at least tolerate our presence) and the other just down the road hated our guts with a purple passion. Anyway, I thought of them and wondered if the villages mentioned were the ones with which I was familiar.
  • Update: After a map recon, I'd nearly bet those villages were the ones with which I was thinking of as they dominate the route between Baghdad and Ramadi.
  • The red tailed hawk is now the official raptor of This Week Tonight. To the hateful politicians highlighted in the piece: Take a break- you don't have to be awful every day of your life you jackwagon. Bonus: You do know you do yourself and your party no favors right?!
  • PS to my dear reader: That guy is literally, obviously and demonstrably mentally ill. His response from that floor was not the response of a  normal and sane person.


The Donald said...

Maybe Nepal is like Arkansas or West Virginia and they're all related or sumpin'...

RPM said...

The problem I have with drivers is DWHUA. I live on a 2 lane with limited places to pass most of the way. I drive the speed limit (65). Drivers will pull out from a side road and SLOWLY get up to 50 - 55 (10 under the limit). But when they get to town and it drops to 45 then 35 they are still running 50 - 55 (10 over the limit). Then when we finally reach the 4 lane section they drive in the left lane.

Extract your head, get off the phone and get some #@%!ing situational awareness!

If cops started writing tickets for impeding traffic it would generate more cash than speeding tickets and make driving much better for everyone.