Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts With Frankie And Johnny

  • 03/30/2915 and I'm watching frankie and johhny for the first time. 
  • I bet you have to be smarter than anybody gives credit to be a good short order cook.
  • Its not the end of the world- one of my favorite sayings. Now that I've seen F And J if you say it to me I'll reply with a sly grin, Oh, I know- I've seen it.
  • I loved Marvin Hamlisch when I was a kid.
  • I was a weird kid.
  • They mention mercurochrome. 
  • Frankie just rubbed her hand across the rim of a dirty, nasty trash can in a nasty alley as she threw a coffee cup away- no way a real person would do that.
  • I gather women like Nathan Lanes character.
  • Nathan Lane ages well.
  • There is a Club Med poster on her bathroom door. The medical detachment in my gaurd unit called their area Club Med and decorated it with flamingoes and palm trees.
  • The symbolism when theyre making out behind the truck and the guy throws open the door of the truck was oddly ham fisted. 
  • Something I read indicated that people of the time thought Pacino and Pfeiffer were too big for their roles.
  • Its a nice movie
  • The music is great.
  • We were a couple before we met.
  • Is handball still a thing in prisons?
  • I wonder where Frankie's engraved bowling ball is now?
  • Why would anyone pretend they were from Altoona?
  • Its a potato. Very romantic.
  • Aspirations. Have you been shaving again?
  • Everything I want is in this room.
  • The old trope of watching people across the way in other apartments is old and a trope but strangely effective.
  • The end was an absolute trope and perfect.

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