Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions


    • Occasionally I still hear the trivia that the invention of doughnuts stemmed from ships captains wanting a cake product they could put on the handles of their ship's wheel. Sometimes when we consider whether people did or did not do something in the past we should ask ourselves, Does that even make sense- would we do something similar in similar circumstances?
    • What makes sense is also the simplest answer: Doughnuts became a delicious thing without their hole. People said Hey, this is some delicious goodness up in here but yuk- what about these undone, doughy centers?! Somebody played the role of the smartest person in the room and standing up said, Uh, the doughy centers are the problem- let's cut the center out...
    • Ta da!
    • I have come up with my viral video idea. Your mind will be blown.
    • The main source of traffic to this blog really shocked me when I saw my tracking tool for the first time.
    • I don't like the expression, From the get-go. It doesn't make sense and fails as an expression for that reason and as it does not sound like normal conversation.
    • Get- go. What is that?!
    • Anchorman 2 is not at all as terrible as some people say- it is just not the first. It had a lot to live up to.
    • Yesterday (03/27/2015) I met somebody from Germany. It was nice to say, Auf wiedasain! to them as we parted ways.
    • 3: The number of people I know who seem to keep a journal pretty routinely because of my influence.

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The Donald said...

I dunno where "get-go" came from either. I suppose I could 'get-google' it and find out, but in any case, I occasionally find it a useful word/phrase, so I'll keep it in my lexicon bag (constructed of vintage elk leather - I like to keep some old words handy).

Don't think I ever intentionally saw a Will Ferrell movie. Maybe Elf. I find him too inane for my taste. No, I'm not unaware of the irony. Jim Carrey strikes me the same way, though I am OK with Ferrell's Harry Caray, and most of his SNL characters. Especially in the BÖC cowbell sketch. Conference room Speedo dude...not so much.