Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts


  • A rather cute friendly aquaintance hates having her picture made and considers herself very un-photogenic. It is funny how we look at ourselves- she is actually very pretty,  quite photogenic and almost always takes nice pictures.
  • It is 0648 on 03/22/2015 and pouring rain outside.
  • My eldest son is a taller, more muscled up, smarter and better looking version of me. 
  • 5: the number of fish my children caught today- one cat and 4 sunfish.
  • We set the remaining worms free under some leaf litter near Holland's Lake.
  • My 600 Pound Life is a very well done, interesting show.
  • Across The Great Divide is so far a cute movie I somehow missed all my life until this evening. So far the most memorable scene had the main character rolling down a hill wrestling an apparent live mountain lion and then free falling with an apparently live mountain lion into a river. Well, most memorable that is until a pack of real wolves (or very wolf looking dogs) is being shown attacking a real dog and real people are whacking the wolves with real sticks.
  • I am serious- some things I don't think you can fake.
  • Give Danger 5 a chance. You'll find it in Netflix's awesome section.
  • At work yesterday (03/25/2015) we had a lunch for a coworker who is leaving. I made a plate for one of the evening people and sent her an Email to tell her it was in the fridge. She came to my office and asked where it was. We went to the kitchen together and emptied half the fridge looking for it as I couldn't believe it was gone. There was a plate similarly packaged but it wasn't the one I placed in the fridge. I was furious and this morning told a few people about it and how sorry the person who jacked that food was etc. A coworker looked in the fridge and pulling a plate out said, Is this it? Oddly- it was. Somebody took it home thinking it was theirs then realizing it wasn't brought it back this morning.
  • Faith. In. Humanity Restored.

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