Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Dispatch


  • The US produces about a billion pounds of cheese every month.
  • Recently a female showed me an incision line from a surgery, Since you know- you are a nurse and all... This is the second time (at least) this has happened to me and I may be forgetting a third.
  • Dogs are incredibly expensive to keep.
  • Yesterday (today is 04/15/2016) I went to visit a neighbor. As we walked through the breezeway to go up to her place I got a whiff of body odor which I somehow processed correctly I am very sure as not belonging to her. My interpretation: somebody else walked through the same area long enough in time prior to our passing through that we did not see nor hear them yet- they left a fog of stench behind that would gag a maggot on a gut wagon.
  • Nasty.
  • I went through a war and missed bathing only I think about 4 days and had to walk a couple hundred meters one way often in 120 degree to go wash my butt- but I did it. We can argue about a lot of things in life but there are just some things that civilized folks do and bathing regularly is one of them.
  • A nursing buddy spent his formative years helping his dad who worked as a maintenance man on apartments and rental properties. Consequently, he can do just about any home repair you can imagine. I can guess back in the day he considered those times a whippin' but those experiences have paid off in ways he could not have ever guessed they would.
  • What an interesting story Edward Lin's life was and how sad it is if spying allegations against him made by the US Navy are true. I mean- he literally butt raped an interesting and inspiring life story.
  • Recently (today is 04/22/2016) I read an article about some heinous suicide bomb attack in some desert crap-hole. The tease said something like, Dozens killed and scores injured! When I actually  read the article 24 were killed and 40 injured so yeah, technically they were correct as 12 is a dozen and 20 is a score.

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