Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Missives

Kim Jong Un Memes 2
  • Your unsolicited nursing advice for the day: Most of the time if left alone poison ivy lesions will self resolve. However if the areas are large, continue to spread, have warmth to them and/or are near your eyes, mouth or private parts you should see a doctor.
  • It is 0708 on 04/04/2015.
  • Today is opening day of Scarborough Fair. They are also having a big deal for Easter at Clark Gardens. There will be a sunrise service at the gardens tomorrow. 
  • The sunrise this morning was really pretty- pinks, purples and finally gold. Nice.
  • Winona Rider's character in Mr. Deeds mentions falling out of Boo Radley's apple tree and breaking her arm. Boo was a character from To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • I have never read that book- should I?
  • My guess, and it is baseless really is that it would be whippin' to try and finish.
  • Long ago I said I would read War And Peace and have made multiple valiant efforts. I can slog my way through long, dense books but holy smokes- I felt like I had literally been beaten after reading some of it and gave up. People that knew me were surprised and recommended I try again and stick it out. I seem to recall it being recommended to watch one of the movies  based on it and read a Cliff's Notes first before reading the book but knowing all that makes it more of a beating. I feel beat down thinking about it now as I write this.
  • Teachers back in my day would call it cheating if you used Cliff's Notes on a reading assignment. Instead, they should have been actively used in the class prior to the assignment if they really wanted the material to be enjoyed, absorbed, understood and retained. 
  • It is weird the things we get wrong.

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The Donald said...

A friend of mine read The Brothers Karamazov, probably in college, and a few years ago was working his way through it again. He said it was draining to try to keep up with the characters, many of whom are referred to by differing names throughout the tome.

Having not read TKAM either, I was similarly nonplused last year by all the hype over the discovery of a long-forgotten Harper Lee manuscript. Perhaps I'm just being cynical, but my sense was that most of the fawning admirers were probably enthralled by Cecil the Lion, the ice bucket olympics, and any other meme du jour.