Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • Recently multiple people have told me I inspired them to get out more and explore our great nation state of Texas. Some go to the same places I've told them about and some have told me about other places. It is good to know for once that my life is more than a cautionary tale and even an inspriration for some good.
  • As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest. I keep searching for something that I never seem to find but maybe I won't- because I left it all behind.
  • At work we have to get approval before we chest X-Ray a pregnant patient although for everybody else a nurse would order it. Recently, I asked the tech if he wanted me to confirm the doc wanted a chest X-Ray on a pregnant patient I wanted to X-Ray. After I confirmed it I came back and said, Doc says yeah- he wants her X-Rayed. Nuke her 'til she glows in the dark. He says when that baby comes out- it better have some kind of seriously cool superpowers or we are all in trouble.
  • That is the kind of bits I do.
  • Pork butt and grilled shrimp- its what was for lunch.
  • Pork butt- the only thing more fun than saying it is eating it.
  • The seating at the new Playa Maya in Hudson Oaks is weird. The tables are small and the seats in the booth force you up against the table. The floor was covered in something so slippery I nearly couldn't stay on my feet.
  • A minute ago (today is 07/10/2015 @0733) I saw a video of a UPS driver kicking a customer's dog and then shoving and menacing the owner when he intervened. He may not have ruined his life with those antics but it will haunt him and make said life way harder than it had to be.

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