Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions/Draft Clean Up

  • There is a guy in McDonald's whom I see here often. He talks to himself and makes noises while he eats. I imagine his street name to be Sketchy.
  • Your healthcare advice for the day coming from a nurse: If your doctor does a bit- run, don't walk away from them. It will catch up with them and you don't want to be the end of that line.
  • My doc is a slightly pudgy, balding super smart white guy who does no bits that I am aware of. I come in and he says, What brings you here Kev? Well, A, B and C I reply. Well, I am going to prescribe you this and recommend you stop _______ and start _______. Is that a plan? Sounds great doc. I say and I walk out.
  • No bits.
  • A laptop with a 17 monitor doesn't look that ginormagantuan until you use it in public. Man, I feel conspicuous.
  • Does somebody make a light up emblem that mimics Apple's that would go on the face of a laptop cover? Your know- like a yellow banana or something to cover the HP emblem?
  • Somebody should if they don't already.
  • There are at least 3  make that 4 videos out right now of cops straight up murdering people. Sometimes context is everything and without it you may not be able to believe your own eyes. Sometimes all you need to see are eyes.
  • Whoa, that was pretty good.
  • I almost always misspell eyes as eys the first time.

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