Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

Scarecrow meme hay

  • Recently a video showing a person from Planned Parenthood alledgedly negotiating the sale of baby parts has emerged. There is not much of an outrage apparent except from pro lifers. I do not care what you think about abortion- if they were discussing the sale of puppy and kitten parts (even if euthanized legally and humanely) there would be incomparable outrage. You could just about bet that by now people would be dead and there is not a chance some people's houses would not have burned. There is something wrong with that fact- it is a big, huge stinking problem that demonstrates everything that is wrong with how we process and act on information.
  • Supposedly Caligula had the head of Incitatus chopped off. I have my doubts especially as I think we have been told that by Suetonius. Take anything Suetonius tells you with a grain of salt I always say- don't you?
  • Do I have to take back thinking Suetonius said that about the death of Incitatus? Except for the mention in a blog and a couple of forums now that I look it up I can't find the source for the origin of that story.
  • I would like to see the obelisk Caligula had brought from Egypt to Rome.
  • A funny thing about Caligula- it was actually a nic name which he disliked. It meant, Little Boots.
  • Thanks for tuning in to Psychotic Roman Emporer Talk with your old buddy Kev!
  • A new watch and pocket knife are on my list for myself for Christmas presents. 
  • Scott Weilland died last night. The DJ I first heard the news from this morning referred to the death as shocking. It may be a shock to the system of his fans but the death was far from surprising.
  • This morning (04/05/2016) I started In Bruges. I knew they would probably say, Bruges and even, In Bruges early on so people who didn't know how to pronounce it and wouldn't be stressing over the pronunciation and they did say it 3 times in the first 4 minutes but I am about 19 minutes into it and it seems like they have said, Bruges 23 times. I have heard nothing but good about it and yeah- so far- so good.

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