Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday's Dispatch


  • A long favorite song that I would have sworn was done by somebody else- Belly Feed The Tree although I have no idea who I thought actually performed it.
  • Did that make any sense?
  • Another from the misspent days of my ute, Plimsouls A Million Miles Away. I knew of the Plimsouls and I remember this song well but I would have bet somebody else did it.
  • My daughter will spend the night with me tonight (10/29/2015) without her brother. I cannot recall if that has ever happened.
  • I have mentioned it here before but a patient who had been in the US for something like 33 years could not speak a lick of English. How is that even possible and where else would that happen? Again, the biggest thing that jumped out at me about that situation was, how is that even possible? Wouldn't a person have to learn a little just by osmosis?
  • The bottom of my left foot is killing me. It awoke me at 0400 this morning and I had to put it on ice.


The Donald said...

Back in the day (20+ yrs ago) I used to do some ML shooting at the grasslands. I had heard that they no longer allowed shooting though?

el chupacabra said...

Ahem- yes, my legal department confirms your suspicions. There is an area that allows shotgun only target shooting.

Doc Feelgood said...

That policy was implemented a number of years ago. One or more groups of horse people that ride out there were among those that advocated the policy, based on safety concerns. So now they get the whole acreage except for the very small shotgun-allowed area.