Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

    Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes #Memes

  • When I feed my fishy friends they will knock each other out of the way to get to the cream and green colored flakes but won't touch the red ones until there is nothing else left.
  • My Panda Express order was something less than great this weekend and that is rare. One of the good things about that place is it is normally as good today as it was yesterday and as good as you can safely  presume it will be next week.
  • If you are a supervisor regardless of field if you make the health, morale and welfare of your staff a priority the rest will take care of itself and they will take care of you.
  • Weird the lessons that follow you from the military.
  • Instead of getting a minor task I had asked of her over and done with my teenager was dragging her feet. So my Army ingrained response was, Come on- this wasn't intended to be your retirement project- get this over with and get it done! We're on your time now!
  • Lulz
  • When I hear songs from the days of my ute it strikes me as odd how many I like to hear today that I didn't like then and I still don't care for now- it is just good to hear them.
  • Nostalgia. I has it.
  • Recently a charge I made over a month prior was deducted from my account. It was legit- I recalled the exact amount and location but yeah, the purchase was made 32 days prior. Why and how does that happen? As I understand it some smaller merchants are not paid in a timely fashion by the card companies so said card companies can profit from the interest but a month later?!
  • This morning I started the first season of The Office on DVD. It is great. It reminded me it was my first exposure to uncomfortable comedy. The office supplies in the Jell-O was a good bit but it was the first time I ever saw it although yes- I knew it was a thing.
  • My children's great grandmother was born on Valentines day. I like that for some reason.


Mike said...

You're right about the weird lessons that follow us from the military. You mentioned health, morale and welfare; one of the phrases that stuck with me is fraud, waste and abuse. Maybe they do those things in strings of three words to make it 'stick' better in our brains so we'll remember it? We're brainwashed.

The Donald said...

My Cyprinidae rarely get gourmet cuisine, usually just pond fish pellets, some occasional kelp flakes, and the occasional bit of banana or grapes.

I haven't had a disappointing Panda experience yet - love the Orange Sesame chicken (even if the yummy orange glaze is probably mostly HFCS).

Along the lines of 'does it make sense?', I'm thinking that the charge not posting to your account for 32 days has to do with the merchant not transmitting/settling that batch of daily receipts promptly. For the financial institution to make money on the float, they have to remove it from your account, then hold it awhile before crediting the merchant's account, right?

el chupacabra said...

HeyMike You're right although I hadn't thought of that before; Tips, Tactics.Procedures. Shoot Move Communicate... Yes suppose brainwashed but on balance a postive thing If we let it be and sift the bad out...

Don- Banana and grapes!? I believe but that is a new one on me. You would know more about those transaction than I but a couple of small business owners have told me that about the slow payments.