Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions/Draft Clean Up

  • Recently somebody put a lot of music on my new computer. To save space I went through and deleted everything I recognized that I knew I didn't like. Initially, I gave everything tagged country a chance; that is until I was reminded how terrible new country is and then I deleted everything tagged country that I didn't recognize as being good.
  • Really bad: Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. I mean really- I weep for the species.
  • The other day I saw a tour bus for a new country music related band . It looked way moar gay than they would have ever intended and no- I am not using the term gay to mean lame- it looked gay and my guess is they did not intend that. They looked like a bunch of gay cowboy strippers.
  • In traffic a tiny car will almost never tailgate you (especially if you drive a full size vehicle).
  • Last night Woman with Whom I Have Lately Been Spending Time AKA WWWIHLBST and I drug a mattress into the living room and after eating Olive Garden takeout we built a fire and piled up and watched a movie. Simple. Nice.
  • OGs takeout is always good and most often better than dine in. There is something about the way they treat takeout orders to insure quality that is different that they should investigate applying to dine in orders.
  • It is rare that I use my War Veteran Invincibility Cloak.
  • Our management call themselves the Leadership Team. I like that.

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