Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

  • It has been years since I fired a shotgun although formally they were among my favorite firearms.
  • Teka tezzy: a favorite foible from multiple non English speakers I have interacted with. It took a minute to process it the first time I heard it. They're saying, Take it easy.
  • A documentary titled Tricked about sex slavery is on. It has stated that money for sex is a 3 billion dollar a year problem in the US alone. One thing that stood out is how charming (for lack of a better term) the pimps come across.
  • Although I did turn it off something about it caught my attention. It was almost mesmerizing  to see how those lives collided especially as they showed police women acting as street walkers, pimps, Johns, former prostitutes and even some lady who makes pimp cups and prays over them before she sends them out.
  • Legalizing it I don't think would solve the problem at all- maybe epsecially the trafficing issue.
  • Stress and fear will dominate and ruin your life if you let them.
  • The other day (today is 03/29/2015) I saw a story about a guy being caught for a crime and part of the reason he was caught was because of an in my opinion a very bad artist's sketch. I mean, I saw the story twice on different news programs and then went back to it online and enlarged the pic and tried to make sense of what I was seeing. It looked nothing like him. This was so true my first assumption was the cops must have found him in a sketchy/illegal way and then claimed it was by a tip from a citizen which was based on the sketch.
  • This morning (11/15/2015) I saw a lady nearly get killed by a guy that swerved over into her lane while executing a lane change. She overcorrected and spun sideways 4-6 times. I don't know how but in the end she didn't hit anything or anybody else. I pictured them both texting.

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