Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • Something I'm doing right now which would surprise you to learn if you were my real friend instead of my internet friend: reading a Michael Crichton novel for the second time in my life.
  • Something I'm doing right now which would shock you to learn if you were my real friend instead of my internet friend: reading Animal Farm for the first time ever. I have a vague recall of a half hearted attempt in the days of my ute but honestly I might be making that up. My intention is to try and unpack the meaning without any assist. I am kind of aware it is a treatise promoting the values of capitalism over communism but that is all I think I know.
  • The wind chimes sound sweet outside now (10/18/2015 at 1022)
  • As fake things go fake eye lashes may be the most ridiculous.
  • Today I had pizza at Cane Rosso. The server sort of mumbled the second part of the name of the pizza special so I had to ask her to repeat what it was called two times. It was called, Honey Bastard which  she confided to me after looking around like we were about to exchange drugs for money.
  • My ears are ringing like mad.
  • Garrry Shandling has died. Man I loved The Larry Sanders Show. It was great. Two different people I heard talking about him mentioned he didn't look bad or sick or anything prior to his death. Maybe it is the nurse in me but I thought he didn't look healthy at all. He was pale, puffy and just didn't look like he felt well.
  • Recently there has been a story going around of an IS unit giving up one of  their headquarters locations on social media causing it to be bombed by the US as an official stated, Less than 24 hours later. There are multiple problems with that story. Number one problem that comes to mind is- I couldn't find a picture of the image with about 5-10 minutes of searching. None of the articles I read on it had a copy. I'm not saying it doesn't exist- it just wasn't as readily accessible as one would have guessed since the picture was the crux of the whole story- right?! The General said, less than 24 hours... That is code for anything under 24 hours. It is meant to deceive you into thinking the strike was more timely. 24 hours on a modern battlefield is an eternity. We were meant to imagine a mob of terrorists planning their next attack on New York when Booom they're suddenly vaporized by a JDAM 30 minutes after the retarded picture was posted. If the strike happened at all it was just as likely against an empty building or even more sadly (and maybe more likely) it was stuffed full of Christians and other infidels.
  • McDonald's sells a very passable and cheap biscuits and gravy.


RPM said...

I sympathize with you tinnitus woes. I've had it for years and it never ceases to bug me. I've tried that stuff that's advertised on the radio that was "invented by a rock drummer". It doesn't work. I've seen commercials for hearing aids that generate counter noise to cancel it out. That's all I need, something generating more noise that would make it even harder to hear. I think the most used word in my vocabulary is "huh?"

el chupacabra said...

Think we may have talked bout this before. Yeah those meds and herbs don't work. Hearing aids can work but mine are on the fritz. Also a good sound machine used even if only used at night- the effects can last hours. My hearing aids were issued for a hearing defect but they basically cured the tinnitus. The effect can last for weeks.

el chupacabra said...

Marsona ds 600 is probably the best sound machine. The cheap one will only annoy.