Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • We believe some weird things like the old tale that there were female warriors in the past who cut their breast off to be able to use a bow better.  You mean to tell me you are going to wait weeks and months for women who actually survive the butchery and high rates of infection to do your military bidding when it was not even necessary in the first place? I mean come on!
  • Sometimes when we are contemplating whether something is true or not, it might be profitable I think to ask, Does it even make sense?
  • The Netflix original episodes of Arrested Development are really good.
  • Easter is this weekend. I guess I need to dig out my dress and sun hat.
  • A friendly acquaintance goes to the Kentucky Derby every year and wears a dress and big floppy hat and drinks mint julips.
  • It would have been cool to meet and at various times be a fly on the wall around Mark Twain and Ben Franklin.
  • Franklin intentionally didn't hold  patents on any of his inventions.
  • It is still a beating but I am adapting more to the use of my Nook for writing here.
  • I bought a pound of dried blueberries from recently.
  • This evening (10/20/2015) I finally ate at Terra on 7th in Fort Worth- very good. The hummus and bread are fantastic.


The Donald said...

I had never heard that tale about the female archers. Xena never did that - although I don't know if she ever used a bow or not.

Ben would've swatted you if you'd been a fly on his wall.

el chupacabra said...

Yeah, it was supposedly the Amazons.

Yep, like the bug I am.