Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

    20 Inappropriate Humor quotes #inappropriate #humor

  • Nobody really likes Jazz- right?
  • I'm watching Hot Rod as I write this at 0602 on 03/18/2015. It has its moments.
  • The new laptop fever is burning well- feverishly. Best Buy is still on probation for their terrible service related to my car stereo last year so I may look at the Wal Marts or do a factory direct thing but I don't know. The idea of a convertible appeals but I don't know if they're worth it or not.
  • I just watched a bit of the Don Imus show. Do. Not. Get.
  • My children will be here tonight- I have missed them like crazy.
  • Sometimes lately when I open my mouth a certain way (as in a yawn) saliva squirts out. It has randomly started over the past several months. A kid I went to school with could do that on command. He would set a paper target up 2 or 3 feet away and take bets. I saw him spray a fly from the same distance once in the cafeteria. That is cool. Randomly doing it is not. I probably have salivary gland cancer or something stupid.
  • Last  night (03/21/2015) I dreamed about hanging out with Charlton Heston. While we were together I was constantly debating telling him what his roles meant to me when I was younger and how I looked up to him etc.- which to my knowledge is not true.
  • Here is an interesting Rolling Stone article on Bowe Berghdal.


    RPM said...

    Squirting saliva like that is known as "gleeting". Being a medical professional I'm sure you're familiar with that term's other definition.

    Denney Crane said...

    If life used a lubricant, we would probably complain about it being wet.

    el chupacabra said...


    a. a thin, morbid discharge, as from a wound.

    b. persistent or chronic gonorrhea.

    [1300–50; Middle English glete < Middle French glete, Old French glette < Latin glittus sticky]

    Gross- Thanks Mike.

    Ha, I know thats right Denney.

    The Donald said...

    Nobody really likes Jazz- right?

    Not true. There are still a bunch of us 23 Skidoo hepcats that dig us some cool improv vibes, as well as some French Quarter brass.

    While I eschew minivan/dentist office stylings of Kenny G, Yanni, and John Tesh, I really enjoy me some CTI jazz, John Klemmer (Brazilia is excellent), or Maynard Ferguson. The latter often included renditions of pop favorites (probably to gain crossover sales for the label), which were good, but the original compositions at times were fantastic. I think they once measured 452°F at 20 paces from MF's horn and shattered wine goblets at a dozen tables in a performance.

    Here's some stuff that's the bees' knees: (Brazilia (CTI All Stars 1972 - starting at 17:25) (MF does the incomparable Jimmy Webb's MacArthur Park)