Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

    • Cats are interesting animals from a survival stand point. Drop a male and female off somewhere and come back two years later they will have gained 2 pounds and be great great great great grandparents. Drop a male and female dog off and come back in 2 years and they will have been dead for well- 2 years.
    • I want to try and start exercising more. I walk a bit but that isnt enough and I've turned into a slug. Really, I don't guess I even have any work out clothes.
    • If you need something to help you sleep try melatonin. Dollar Gen carries the Rexall brand. Diphenhydramine can work but will hangover most people who are naive to it and guys who use it chronically may incur an enlarged prostate. Try a low dose first at least and use it as little as possible.
    • The season 5 finale of Walking Dead is tonight. Honestly no one could be more surprised than I how caught up I got in that show. It is the first show I have never missed by design. There were a couple of others I watched pretty faithfully back in the day though- Friends, Cheers and. Seinfeld come to mind.  
    • Walking Dead and American Horror Story are nearly perfect. 
    • Keiths Bagofnothing looks nothing like it did when I found it. When I came back to it after an interval I wouldn't have thought it could have changed so drastically. I wondered if he sold it, it had been hacked or a guest blogger went nuts.

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