Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday's Situation

  • I just read (4/20/2015) Ben Affleck has supposedly demanded some TV show suppress the fact one of his ancestors owned slaves.
  • You gotta take the lumps with your gravy buddy.
  • This morning (04/23/2015) I saw a bumper sticker that read, Corporate Media: The Rich Telling The Middle Class To Blame The Poor. That doesn't make sense- does it? Regardless, it isn't a fact nor even just an opinion. It is the product of a world view that I obviously cannot comprehend.
  • Also this morning a  guy came so close to striking my mirror as he nearly sideswiped me while he was texting and smoking I literally have no idea how he missed me and then within 5 minutes a lady in a Benz came over into my lane while digging through her purse.
  • It is a Mad Max style wasteland out there- I tell ya.
  • Loneliness hardly ever bothers me consequently when I do get legitimitely lonely it is crushing and I have a hard time dealing with it.
  • To be filed under schizophrenic- literally psychotic:  In Syria, Jihadis funded by the CIA are fighting Jihadis funded by the Pentagon.
  •  I weep for the species.

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