Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • Barry may have been the reason I discovered the great documentary Zoo. I believe he used the term fantastic and if he did, he was correct.
  • There may be more thought provoking and challenging documentaries that could start more conversations about a subject most people would rather forget but I haven't seen it.
  • While searching for Fark the other day I accidentally tapped a link for Farrah Abraham.
  • I still feel dirty.
  • It rained all day today (03/22/2015).
  • Chicken fries annoy me- I mean what are they?! Are they fries? Are they chicken? What kind of madness are they?!
  • And boneless wings- what are they all about? Aren't they just Chicken McNuggets?
  • If you are away from your house and your car starts reluctantly check for funny sounds and odors while watching your gauges. Do not shut it off and head to an Oreilley's post haste. They will test your charging system for free and install a new battery if you need to buy one. If you think of that hard start as a fluke and try to finish your errands or whatever you will get stuck somewhere.
  • I know it is an old gag (and just the Internet anyway) but recently somebody wrote, "You sir win the internet" to a funny comment I made and it made me feel good.
  • It is 03/28/2015. Last night I had dreams seemingly all night where plane fuselages rigged with parachutes were dropped near me to test recovery systems.
  • The dreams were probably triggered by watching coverage of the Germanair plane crash.

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