Thursday, November 28, 2013

Computer Crime

  • Three things I think about when I hear of someone being busted for porn or other crimes on their computer: The first two involve this laptop- recently I discovered a pic of a woman breast feeding a baby in the pictures folder. There is not even a chance I downloaded it myself intentionally and I don't think anyone else has even touched  the computer since I bought it new. Another: I vaguely remember scanning through the picture taking/editing software on the same computer. Software, which I found later automatically snaps a pic of you from the integral camera as you click on each new backdrop. I probably had pants on, but did not have a shirt- who would believe it though if they looked at those really gay looking pics of me without clothes on from the top of my crotch up? Also, evidently years ago I left a log in up on Youtube account on a computer on an Army base. Months later I got on again and found messages literally threatening my life for unspecified racist comments that there is not even a chance I made.


Katy Anders said...

I have found pics in my "downloaded" folder - as well as in my temp folder - that I don't remember ever having seen, let alone saved.

Sort of makes me wish I understood how these computer doodads worked.

el chupacabra said...

Hi ya Katy. My guess is we try to save a pic intentionally and something is embedded in it- accidentally or intentional and it may be benign or malicious. I deleted that pic- it seemed fishy. My guess is if computers somehow mystify you it is a wonder I can turn one on.