Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

A Hey now- for the ladies. Mark Twain in all his topless glory

  • What do you give an elephant that has diarrhea?
  • Plenty of room.
  • I you're ever in Decatur TX or near one of their other locations visit Davids Western Wear owned by a man I'm proud to call an old friend. I hope he's a gazillionare.
  • The watch is among my favorite inventions- I would own a thousand if I could.
  • President Washington's salary was 2% of the US budget in 1789.
  • I'm reading an earth science book or to be more correct- I'm trying I'm really trying but it is hard as on the very first page it throws a beat down on you with how, the native people worshiped Mother Earth as a goddess and blah blah blah... What does she mean by,  "native people" if she is talking about the history of the earth and not a specific continent?
  • The 2012 movie Dredd is good- gory and intense but a really good movie. It has a lot of great special effects and can be found on Netflix. The music also really sets it apart- it is fantastic.
  • Ginger flavor does nothing for me- fresh, canned, natural or artificial although I do like ginger ale.
  • Who is your favorite president?
  • The Works Of Aristotle: what I'm reading.
  • 20 years ago I determined to read War And Peace and have borrowed, bought and checked out multiple copies and made legit efforts to slog through it. It is a whipping I am not man enough to endure.
  • I am going to sell my ILBE backpack and assault pack for cash to roll into other gear. Although not abused they were used very often and not babied though you would never know they had been out of my closet- they're bulletproof.


RPM said...

I'm a fan of watches, too. I own several and my crown jewel is a Citizen EcoDrive Blue Angels Skyhawk. My Holy Grail is an Omega Speedmaster Professional, the "Moon watch". Someday...

Sadly, watches are quickly becoming obsolete. Everything a watch does your cell phone can do and usually it better. Plus take pictures, videos, internet, text messages and phone calls.

The Donald said...

I can rival ol' Sam's studly chest hair, but not his 'stache.