Monday, May 25, 2015

Why I Love Being A Hospice Nurse

Following are real, couldn't make this stuff up if I tried text messages from a friend regarding a case she recently accepted. They are in order from first to most recent.

  • Private home. The house is stinky, nasty and dirty. the property looks like a landfill.

  • Oh crap! The patients daughter is in here!! Casting spells and doing time phenomena on him and she won't quit staring at me!!!

  • She has one boob hanging out of her nasty, torn shirt.

  • Mom told me me she is schitzoprenic or however you spell it. She is scary!

  • She says they claim to be her parents, but they aren't. She scares the s*&^ out of me! I have never seen someone like her!

  • Now she's standing in the corner casting spells on me and her mom has gone to bed.

  • Now she has her hands down her pants!!! I won't be back!

  • There's no air in here and it stinks, it's making me sick.

  • Case manager says Don't worry she has no history of violence.

  • She's left the room and went to bed. It's quieter now.

Ten reason why I love my job! Oh, one more- guess who relieves her?

Update: patient expired before I had the priviledge of caring for him or meeting his zany daughter.

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Katy Anders said...

There's a condition brought on by stroke where people believe that their loved ones have been replaced by other similar-looking people. It's brought on by stroke survivors having damge to the part of their brain that recognizes faces.

Regardless, yes! With my job, it's amazing the people you run across. And it has nothing to do with their economic status, race, past jobs, or anything. People are weird and you just never know what's around the corner.

Which is a good thing.