Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday's Missives

  • Not unusual: I awoke this morning feeling like a pound and a half of dog mess that had been stuffed into a one pound bag. Kinda different: I have been up for only  17 minutes now and feel like a million dollars.
  • At the old Decatur dump trash was just thrown out on the ground. When there got to be too much- it was set on fire. As a bonus, there were self serve pits dug by backhoe where people could dump dead animals. I had to go check it out every time we went and look at the dead calves and dogs.
  • Bonus information: when people left they often took home more stuff than they dumped. 
    A boy and his dog.
    I sent this to somebody who replied, That made me so happy I cried! Easily impressed I guess.
  • Rock is not dead. Rock being made today is as good any- ever.
  • The last set of tires I bought for my present truck cost 800 dollars. Holy smokes. Tires for the first truck I bought in my married life could be found on sale for 100 buck for a set of 4. I freaked plum out when the second set for the same truck cost me 125 buck.
  • I could have spent less (as in 40% less) on my new tires but I would have had to wait 1-2 days for them to get the cheaper set from another store and then I would have  to come back for the mounting. I did not want to wait- nor did I want to risk driving any distance without a spare.
  • There were long periods in my life when I could not have even dreamed of thinking like that.
  • Update  (07/11/2017) I looked at my receipt. The kid at Discount Tire overcharged me by 100 buck by sticking me with the road hazard thing which, I had specifically declined in my conversation opener about the tires in first place.
  • It is cool this time I guess. I do not tempt fate in situations like this- so will not argue the point.
  • Bonus update: the tires were actually a little over 800 buck. There are plenty of cars in my past that did not cost me 800 buck.
    I inherited a Dinotelevision. It reminded me of a Sanyo? television I had that came out right at the tail end of these boxy behemoths. It must have been high end due to its quality (and as I seem to recall also due to it's specs and retail price).  The picture was fantastic but holy smokes- it was huge! I finally gave it to somebody who didn't really need it- the picture was just so great they couldn't pass it up and it was put it in a den or spare bedroom etc.
  • #covfefe
  • Full length 1949 Batman movie.

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