Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday's Digressions

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  • A new suit is on my list. The last time I wore a suit was to my moms funeral. It is dated and would not fit anyway as I have a bit of a root beer belly and some minor love handles to lose.
  • As late as 10 years out of high school my waist size was just nearly the same and in fact- I was still wearing pants I bought in my first of year of college life.
  • Nothing makes me feel more lonely than being a little lonely and having my mom cross my mind. It is like getting hit by a bus- a lonely bus at one in the morning. It has one burned out headlight and as it it glides past there are not even any friendly faces looking out to brighten my mood- only anonymous and vaguely threating silhouettes.
  • It is 0502 on 06/19/2016 and I am already doing laundry to try to beat the heat. It isn't working.
  • Once, when I conferring with one of my ex wives regarding custodial arrangements of children with whom we share parentage I accidentally used 24 hour time; consequently, she has used it ever since in our communiques.
  • Sometimes when I hear about some person being abused  while in police custody I want to scream, Stop. Breaking. The. Law. Jackass!
  • No, I know it isn't always that simple but often- I am very sure it is just that simple.
  • As late as the beginning of the 1900s scoundrel, rascal and pimp were such vile insults the use of them could get you killed and as a matter of fact- the first person William Bonney (AKA Billy The Kid) killed had made the mistake of calling him a pimp.

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