Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Dispatch PM Edition

  • When good animals go bad! Pelican attacks weather man
  • Zac's gag when he spent some time with somebody I was spending time with was poop- everything revolved around poop. When she adjusted herself in the seat he'd ask, So, what's the matter- you have poop in your pants? When one of us commented on smelling something he said from the back, It's poop. And sometimes when nothing at all was being said he would simply say quietly, Poop.
  • A small idea of how pervasive the effect of visual media is on all of us: I'd be willing to bet 70+ percent of US people of nearly any age below 60 would identify the call of a pterodactyl the same among recordings of other sounds. Even though the plaintive call of the pterodactyl hasn't been heard for a gazillion years- just about everybody alive today in the world would say, That is a pterodactyl if they heard it's screech.
  • Making advanced education more available will not solve all our problems. We will not have any substantive relief until there are more well paying manufacturing jobs with fairly good ease of entry. The first thing a troubled nation that has the ability to pay for college education does is to do so with a premium placed on economics and business degrees. You can't swing a dead cat around in my refugee waiting room without a hitting a dozen people with masters in economics on the head.
  • The stories are now about the need for affordable college education or technical training for everybody. If our job market continues to stagnate, the news in a few years will be about our young college and tech school grads who are abandoning America for China and India et al.
  • I'm wanting a motorcycle.
  • The weirdo working at Wally World said they couldn't keep the tactical style backpacks they had in stock. They were being snapped up with the so called assault rifles for bug out bags. Good grief.
  • I wonder if they have something that sells out too quickly if they bring it back later with a jacked up price.

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