Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions

  • When I offered Zac some fruit the other day he said to the effect, No way, not after you gave me that poison cherry the other day. It made me cough. It took a second to process but he meant a persimmon that was too bitter for him.
  • It is a fact nut balls with guns copy-cat each other after seeing news coverage of crimes. I don't know what to do about it but it is not even arguable in my opinion that some sick people see the attention coverage of crimes mass shootings get and get the idea to emulate the other turd. Also, I don't really get the merit of the pervasive coverage of atrocities. What is there to learn?
  • Among other thoughts my intention when starting this blob was to be able to give people that I'm getting to know the address so they could learn a little about my background and see what I've written about them. While a great idea in theory in practice it has blown up in my face every single time. You said this yesterday but you did this the other day... What did you mean by...? You were talking about me when you said _______ right? I now not only don't tell people about this blob- I specifically conceal its existence.
  • Satellite radio for such a great idea gets real boring real quick.
  • The other day at work I accidentally hit a combination of key strokes that would have allowed me to change the appearance of fields and the content of our electronic forms. I could have written anything thing in and it would have become part of our global records. I couldn't replicate it if I had to but I had the presence of mind to show it to our peer expert. He couldn't believe it- no one but the programmer should have been able to do that and then only when signed in under their log in.
  • Utah Saints Something Good

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