Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday's Summary

Trophy crawdad caught in Honey Creek inside Turner Falls park. He was a fighter who looked delicious but I was strict catch and release wildlife harassing that day.

  •  A basically homeless patient lives in the sub basement of a large old home. When he leaves his den a possum comes out of it's den and raids his foodstuffs. He is referred to as the troll ( the patient I mean.) I don't know if the possum has a nic name or not.
  • It wouldn't bother me in the least to live in a tent.
  • When I knew I wanted to move recently but was unsure where to multiple people volunteered to let me stay at their place.
  • I have been on a chip eating kick and have consumed multiple large bags by myself recently.
  • Wind chimes are a beautiful thing to me and I automatically assume anyone who has some and appreciates them and I would probably get along.
  • I automatically assume the cops who volunteer for the duty of setting up homosexual people for indecency charges are troubled, homophobic monsters.
  • Nasty- verdict on the first White Castle burger I just ate.
  • Supervisor: Kevin put himself down to bring estomago vacio to the Christmas party- what is that? Spanish speaker she queried: Uh, empty stomach.
  • Naptown Stomp Scrapper Blackwell


Opus #6 said...

Hey, if you are not inclined to cook, estomago vacio is good, or paper plates/plastic cups work as well.

Katy Anders said...

The weather, insects, and bathroom accommodations are the biggest barriers to living in a tent or under a bridge or in other non-traditional settings.

I've tried it all. Challenging but definitely not for everyone!

el chupacabra said...

Lady O- Funny you should mention that. I actually intended to bring those things- another lazy vato signed up for them ahead of me though.

Dear Kate- You've lived in a tent?! I honestly think it is smart to try less traditional abodes- you may not know what you're missing and if it isn't for you well, you'll appreciate what you have later.

Katy Anders said...

Never a tent. But I have lived in a downtown alley, in an old Plymouth, and in a closet just across from an out-of-use elevator shaft.