Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • There's a fairly old drug sold in the US that cannot work as advertised- multiple studies have demonstrated this fact. Doctors prescribe it to shut patients up. It works in that regard I suppose in that its huge size and in the name brand version, it's vivid color convinces people it must be good. The problem with this is it has all the real risks without real benefits for patients with legitimate needs.
  • Another old drug without question benefits a huge number of people. I mean, it has literally saved and salvaged millions lives and has been doing so for decades. Again, multiple studies prove this fact. Oddly, no one knows exactly why it works. A scientist cannot explain through known receptors and how they work in the brain and then graph that out etc. No one knows how or why it works, but it is irrefutable that it does.
  • Someone with whom I do business with frequently has been flirting with me recently. The other day I made her laugh- as she did so she lay her hand on my forearm- her Big. Man. Hand. It freaked me out.
  • Yesterday Zac grew up and he's not a baby anymore. Literally- he's taller, no baby fat and has broad shoulders.
  • I'll be at How The EDGE Stole Christmas tonight. I was asked a good question yesterday morning- I wonder if any of the bands will do a Christmas song?
  • Not that he'll be there but you could do worse than Tom Waits Silent Night + Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis 

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The Donald said...

L-O-L-A much?

I think I'll go hook up the 2 horse trailer to my Ol' '55 and load up the Wyld Stallyns, maybe go to Montana for Christmas...