Saturday, December 15, 2012

How The EDGE Stole Christmas- The Recovery Phase

  • I'm recovering from How The EDGE Stole Christmas last night. My knees hurt from standing and jumping around and my throat is sore from yelling Freebird! at the end of each set.
  • You know I didn't do that.
  • OK- I can't lie to you. I totally did that. People would look around grinning trying to figure out who it was that was sooooo cool and laugh and point me out to their friends.
  • We photo bombed some women in front of us like mad. There were four of us together so try as they might they could not escape our antics. They ended up leaning way forward each tilting their heads out slightly father than the one to her left and taking the pic perpendicular to their seats.
  • People still haven't gotten the memo: a flash at 500 feet does absolutely no good.
  • I almost always misspell absolutely.
  • Huh, I got it right that time but misspelled almost.
  • IAMDYNAMITE was great. Just 2 guys, a very basic drum set and an electric guitar.
  • Two guys, one drum set.
  • The singer introduced the drummer by saying, Ladies, his beard is just as soft as it looks, let me tell ya!
  • Brah- how would know that?
  • 25.00- the cost of a concert t shirt these days.
  • All the bands rocked out harder than their poppish, alternative sounds on the radio would suggest and they were all very good with Grouplove and The Joy Formidable particularly speaking to me in places I didn't know I had ears. The singer said, We are The Joy Formidable and we're from Northern Wales. One of the girls I was with said, Where did they say they are from? I think they said Northern Mineral Wells was my reply.
  • I got teased regarding my age relative to the woman I was with. There is quite an age difference I guess between ya'll? I was asked which was followed by, I guess you like stuff like Justin Bieber and Beyonce'?
  • Two of the people I was with left their seats and went and had sex. What are they doing? the girl I was with asked Uh, probably going to go bump uglies somewhere was my reply. How do you know that? _________  face was all red after __________ whispered something in her ear and they had both already just been to the restroom. When they left he was looking at everything but us and mostly at the floor.
  • She: Did you notice a lot of the bands had a female singer? me: Yeah, it must really cut into their sandwich making time.
  • Fun was lame- we left halfway through their first song.
  • How did I end up with the 102 THE EDGE yard sign you ask. Well, the girl I was with pulled up to one and said, Get me one of those EDGE yard signs Kevin.
  • Vydra wore a Menorah on her head and Jessie was dressed like a Christmas tree. I wish Josh had been there.
  • None of the bands did any Xmas songs.
  • The night ended with me replaying the concert in my mind- for about 2 minutes and sleeping like a baby.

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