Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

The first thing that popped up with a search for assault weapon poster

  • A very good picture of the war in Afghanistan in a 15 minute (part 1) video. It's four years on since the Brits left the area and a year since our Marines took over- get the sense things are better there?
  • Somebody gave me some Glamour magazines to place in our refugee health waiting area. They were jacked almost immediately. There is going to be some glamorous Nepali and Burmese chicks running around. 
  • A patient came in as part of his screening for placement in rehab. I made a fool out of myself after drinking mouthwash, but I also drink beer- his words not mine.
  • Nutella is one of God's better inventions but a little goes a long way. Often, it goes bad after I eat from a jar one time after buying it because it sounded awesome at the time.
  • Recently I was accused of fishing for a compliment when I wasn't doing that at all. That bothers me- a lot.
  • I saw the other day that Cabelas is offering obsidian knives.
  • Somehow the preceding sentence came out italicized without my selecting that from the toolbar.  

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