Monday, December 3, 2012

Mondays Missives

Not a Marilyn fanatic per se but, yeah she rawked

  • "The recession has hit us all.... dont give up.... do whatever it takes to keep the lights on and your kids fed... Your hard work will pay off in the long run Dont forget that we're not only Americans..... we're Texans.... you can break our back, but never our spirit "

  • From a for sale by owner used car ad. I felt like I had been beaten just reading that and can not imagine what it would be like to meet and speak with that person.

  • "I can't help but watch the NFL Draft every year, but it makes me uncomfortable. A bunch of rich, white owners deciding what healthy black men will work for them."

  • Quote from Barry Green of Liberally Lean fame. Or, if you prefer- The blog that launched a thousand ship-wrecks.

  • Iowa is sanctioning homosexual marriage. Interestingly, Iowa has always been a quiet leader in civil rights from desegregation to women's rights issues.

  • Do you think in same sex relationships there is always one taking a more feminine and one taking a more masculine role?

  • One of my friends aunts was a lesbian. She did her own mechanic work on her hot rod Mustang, wore steel toe boots, wife beater shirts and even wore men's underwear (honestly) She would always have little cutey girlfriends.

  • It freaked me out when I learned what girlfriend meant in that context and female family members or church ladies later would say,"Me and a girlfriend..."

  • I burned my leg on the side pipe of that Mustang once.

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