Thursday, June 16, 2016

Here Are Some Of My Ancestors On My Mother's Side. The Person On The First Row On The Far Right Was My Favorite Uncle. It Is Crazy To Think He Would Fight On Iwo Jima And Guadalcanal. He Was Mentioned By Name In The First Editions Of Guadalcanal Diary As It Was One Of The Battles In which He was Wounded. In The Days Of My Ute He Would Humor Me And Camp Out With Me In My Tent In My Parent's Back Yard. I Asked Him To Play Army. He Said, Not A Chance Kid. As He Saw My Countenence Fall And My Lip Begin To Quiver He Said, But I'll Play Marines With Ya! He Was My Hero.

Back Row:  Troy & Roy Patterson, Easter Wiest, Mildred Rainey, Gerta Schaffner, 
Alfred Bachman, Wilburn Patterson
Front Row:  Bennie Jo Morton, Emil Bachman, Gaylan Rainey, Alfred Schaffner,
and Orville Patterson
Troy and Roy Patterson are Gene Patterson's brothers, sons of Chauncy Depew Patterson and
Letitia Irwin Patterson...Wilburn Patterson is the son of Patrick Newton
Patterson and Vivian Massie; Orville Patterson is my mother's brother, son
of Benjamin Harrison Patterson and Rosie Mitchell Patterson

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