Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday's Missives

  • To be filed under, People are so weird: After the 1994 Earthquake in LA area universities received tons of calls from people who reported the stars and other celestial bodies were brighter in the night sky. It never occurred to them their perception was altered by the lack of light pollution due to the power being out. No, it must be, The world is ending! The stars are so bright!
  • If you watch the great classic Cat Ballou take note during the iconic beer wagon scene of the stunt driver who is under the actual seat to make it look like the wagon is driverless.
  • Statistically I have at best 25 years left on this planet but I now know it is likely to be much less than that.
  • There is a service now which after an enrollment fee and annual subscription will send a tech out after your death to remove your tattoos which are then preserved and mounted in a frame for display by the [presumably horrified] family you leave behind.
  • Rain just moved in. I cancelled camping plans because storms were supposed to move in much earlier today. It would have been nice to have already been set up and racked out in the tent and listen to the raindrops.
  • Recently REI made an unauthorized 100$ charge to my card but before I could even call to straighten it out there was a 100$ credit to my account. How/why does that happen?
  • Recently in an interview President Obama stated his biggest regret in Libya was not considering what would happen in the days following the strikes- which he ordered. The honesty is refreshing- it  really is but the thought process is appalling. Nothing should have guided the Strike verses No Strike decision making tree like the question: What will happen in the days, weeks and months following our rearranging the topography of Libya?
  • Recently a coworker came to the office dressed up and with her hair and nails did. The effort made her exponentially hotter than she was just the day before. People honestly (and a little oddly) weren't sure who she even was she looked so different.  My response? Gurrl, why didn't you tell me you were so fine- I would have made a play for you a long time ago!


RPM said...

I know I have much less than 25 years left. In 2007 after my heart attack and angioplasty, my cardiologist told me I'd be lucky to see 60. I really didn't believe him until this year.

Oh well, it was a helluva ride and I did it my way.

el chupacabra said...


The Donald said...

Regarding the question, it's difficult to surmise. I am informed, via popular musical offerings, that you can't hide their Lion Eyes, which would of course make the trillion felines formidable. Regarding El Sol, though, the lions might be Blinded by the Light, which would mitigate their effectiveness as fighters.

Tough call.