Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday's Travel Dispatch

All the harvester ants I saw in New Mexico were black instead of red.

Pat Garrett's brand,

Kinda cool but kinda busy patch..

From John Tunstall's desk.

Knife that was, TOKE FROM A DEAD REB GLORIETA MARCH 1862. Who owned it? Did he suffer? Did he leave behind a wife and kids? Who "TOKE" it? Did he ever ask any of theses questions?

A bit of Geronimo's hair

Voodoo dude.

Can't. Tractor. Anymore...

  • Last night (it is 06/06/2016 @0347) we went to Flying J Ranch in Ruidoso. It is a very fun dinner theater thing  that has been around since 1981. We shared the table with a family from Dallas.
  • Mad Jack's in Cloudcroft may be the best BBQ I ever et. It is owned by a guy from Lockhart. When you go as we all will someday I suppose get the sausage and sliced brisket combo. Tell him to make the cuts a little more fatty than lean but yeah you need some lean and ask for some burnt ends. For the sides consider mac and cheese and the sour cream potato salad.
  • Then consider sharing it with somebody.
  • Yes,  we drove 8 hours for Texas style BBQ and to hang out with other people from Texas.
  • The most obnoxious family in the world was at Flying J. Honestly- they were acting so over the top obnoxious they seemed like a caricature of clueless white trash in a National Lampoon movie. Their antics were confined to the pre-show as they left after the dinner; which was weird considering they could have eaten better in town for half the price.
  • Our table neighbor there had an adult special needs son who seemed to enjoy hanging out with me.
  • It is sometimes hard for me to tell how old an adult intellectually disabled person is and I usually think they're younger than their true age. This I can guess is because they might spend more time indoors and are less prone to the aging affects of stress and less likely to have bad habits like smoking which also age the human body.
  • Elk and deer strolled through the cabin grounds yesterday evening.
  • Our cabin at Apache Village Cabins is kind of beat up and smells like dirty carpet and there was a pube or two in the shower but when it was hot yesterday we stayed cool and when it rained we stayed dry and I was able wash my butt before bed ; so it is all good I suppose.

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