Sunday, June 5, 2016

It Ain't Exactly New And It Ain't Mexico

I may have lost all the vacation pictures I have taken so far (computers are the devil) so here- have a picture of a bipalium land planarian I saw on my front porch after a recent rain. They are also called hammerhead worms.

  • We went to Fox Cave in Riudoso. They have a museum with artifacts related to  the Lincoln County War, aliens and dinosaurs and at 5 dollars to get in- is a bargain at twice the price.. The biggest amethyst geode I have ever seen can be yours from there for 7500 bucks.  They also have a T-Rex skull. The gemologist who works there was in the Army for 10 years. He is a good guy. The ladies who work the counter there are from Quebec. As we left I said, Merci. Au revoir!
  • When I do things like that, it definitely does not get on girly's nerves and that is definitely not part of the reason why I do it.
  • Overheard in the mighty Kia Sedona we have nicknamed Big Momma: What do you want to eat? Well, no fast food otherwise I don't care- maybe Italian? That is pronounced Eye-talian dear. Whatever. Italian or a steak place would be OK. K- there is a Texas style BBQ! up ahead the sign says. Yeah, we left Texas and drove 8 hours to have Texas style barbecue- that would make a lot of sense. Have you ever known me to make a lot of sense? No. Well, Ok then...
  • When you go to Alamagordo eat at Rocket National Buffet and have the snow shrimp (which I think is coconut shrimp). The chocolate pudding at cheap Chinese buffet places is always real good and of apparent high quality- why? They also always have fresh off the boat, real young, non family members working- how and why?
  • While we were there a white trash lady who has all the answers received a phone call. Among other things we heard her say intentionally loud enough to be overheard, Do you have Medicaid? Well go to the hospital and tell them what they're doing isn't working and they need to... She probably works in the healthcare field; I can guess she is a nurses aide.
  • Her scrawny little husband made the biggest sigh as he boxed up their to go stuff. My guess is- he sighs a lot.
  • Initially I went to wrong hotel. We had it stuck in our heads we made reservations at Hampton Inn so we went there. Oddly, the desk clerk said that was the second time it had happened that day. Once we made it to the right hotel we realized they had conveniently forgot to tell us the building is being remodeled. As a bonus the elevator in the right hotel isn't working and we're on the third floor; making it the wrong hotel. Some super decent guy who is in town saw me struggling with my bags and carried my big duffle up.
  • Funny the differences in the way female V males minds work. The guy told us about being in town for a softball tournament. My girly says, Oh cool- did they win? meaning the guys kids. He was too young have kids that played softball. He was obviously (to a guy) a hardcore softballer and there was also just something in the way he said, I am in town for a softball tournament that a guy would have got immediately that went right over her head.
  • The desk clerk told us about an elderly lady who died in this building and about the murder of an adulterer next door. I don't believe I would have told all that.
  • Although I presume I would have a home as that is what you do and to have a place to keep my junk; I could travel for the rest of my life and live in hotels and unless money was absolutely no object said hotels would probably be Hampton Inns and Holiday Inns.
  • Forest Fire+ elevation change+foreign (to me) plants= one snotty Kev.
  • Kia Sedona- so far a great car. It is roomy and powerful and rides like a Cadillac. It may be smoother at 95 mph than 55 and is only marginally louder in the interior. I am sure I could adapt but my only qualm would be too many features i.e. I get something out of the back and as I look back while locking it up I notice the side door is open from me pushing the wrong button.
  • Back up camera- best invention ever!?


RPM said...

Did you check the Recycle Bin for your pics?

el chupacabra said...

Hey Mike- thanks for the heads up. No, thankfully they went to a folder I will swear on my death bed I did not send them to...

The Donald said...

Did you take a razor blade to the planarium's head, longitudinally, so as to make it regenerate - like we were taught in 6th grade biology?

el chupacabra said...

Nah should have stomped on it though- they're invasive and cause global warming or somethin'.