Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday's Dispatch

  • What some guy I did not know recently said to me regarding another patron's daughter in the McDonald's: There ain't no way in Hell my daughter would wear something like that!
  • "Its never too late to be everything you might have been"- George Elliott
  • The preceding statement may make people feel good- but it is absolutely and demonstrably false.
  • It is so ingrained in me to be able to ID and fight Russian vehicles that it is a weirdly visceral feeling to see Russian tanks and ZSU 23-4s in combat in Syria when I watch war porn.
  • Recently I took an ex girlfriends car to the shop to get it repaired. An ex girlfriend!? Yeah- because: Kev, He is such a good boyfriend- he  is a good ex boyfriend.
  • Somewhat recently somebody mentioned a mutual acquaintance's impending wedding to her boyfriend- Ed. My response was, Ed. Ed?! Edddd?! I wasn't making fun of him (as I was accused)- he just didn't seem like an Ed.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

Ed, Edward, Mr. Ed, Edmundo, Ed the Head, Edgar, Special Ed - makin' copies!

- DF Richard Laymer