Friday, July 17, 2015

Ages Old Draft Clean Up Dregs

  • Can't wait to see The Wolfman. When I saw the original with Lon Chaney I hid under my dads rocking chair. He would say, Well, turn it off then and go to bed! No- I can't! I cried from under the chair. Benicio Del Toro plays the werewolf this time.

  • I can still smell the leather from his boots when I think about it.

  • One of the trailers for Extract looks like they went out of their way to make it look sucky. You can't even tell what it's about, other than you get a vague feeling it's about a drug deal.

  • Del Toro- is there a cooler last name?

  • The Bull.

  • The Bull

  • It's cooling more quickly and feels oddly cooler in places though it's still warm- doesn't make sense to see that in writing but, you know what I mean. Fall is just around the corner.

  • After a mob of teenage boys spend the night in the den it smells like pizza, feet, butts and energy drinks in there.


Denney Crane said...

I was with you on the original Wolfman movie, but you lost me when you said it's getting cooler and cooler.

el chupacabra said...

I know. The ages old draft dregs drag- I didn't know what to do with them so I set them to randomly publish here and there.