Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Missives

From the belly dance show at SRF. It is a belly in case your wondering.

  • I've personally known two people who disbelieved man has been to the moon. They are both long dead and gone now and that's really about all remember about them but, when they cross my mind I can't get them off it- amazingly ignorant. But, I will say one of them was the first person to really challenge my thinking and force me to prove something to myself.
  • Do they still make After School Specials? The only one I rememeber was about bed wetting and the kid comes home with friends to find a yellow stained bed sheet hanging in the front of the house.
  • Was that one of them, or am I making that up?

  • The show Strangers With Candy is based loosely on the After School Specials although in a more twisted/psychotic way.
  • The flower beds and lawn in front of my old house were so awesome people would stop and look and take pictures.
  • Yesterday I built up a very extensive cart at REI's online check out. Imagine my surprise when I got a 20% discount offer in an Email this morning.
  • I'm buying the first raincoat since my old gigantic yellow slicker I had when  I was a little boy.
  • My patients and kids literally love my office aquarium.
    This guy was laughing way too hard and listening way too intently during the Iris and Rose show. I think he is in love with one of them and was trying to catch her attention. He also reminds me of Nick Frost.
  • When you buy a used vehicle it doesn't matter the value, number of times it has been sold or whether it is a private treaty sale or from a dealer you pay the average presumptive retail value to the county if bought in Texas. That is literally insane.
  • Some day soon we'll be paying taxes- on our taxes.
    I love the fact there is a castle in North Central Texas but of all the time I've visualized it this is the first time I've taken note of the window AC.

    This may be the basis for my steampunk persona.


Katy Anders said...

I always wonder whether the people who believe the moon landing was faked and the people who believe George W. Bush was behind 9/11 really believe it. I mean, would they pass a lie detector test? Is it something they just say they believe because it's interesting and gives them cred with other weirdos?

I like weird ideas. I just don't believe most of them.

The Donald said...

We went to SRF on the first Saturday that it wasn't supposed to rain.


I think we spent about 25 minutes at that same shop where you saw the steampunk goggles, as my date examined. Every. Pocket. Watch. For a birthday gift for her dad.

She also got pulled out of the audience at two performances - one by the insult comic, and also by Don Juan y Miguel. I'm sure that having an ample bosom and plunging neckline had nothing to do with it...

The first rains started around 1:30-2:00, but by 4:15 or so, it was almost monsoon season. We were soaked to the bone upon reaching the car (despite my having been the 'umbrella bearer').

el chupacabra said...

Hiya Katy- "I like weird ideas. I just don't believe most of them. " Same here. There was a katydid on the mirror of my truck this morning. It made me think of you.

Donald- So we were there ths ame day? It was the first time in years they shut it down- right? There were people stuck in the parking lot everywhere. It took me an hout to get out of the lot.

The Donald said...

It was May 23. I don't know if they shut it down, although they did cancel the joust. From about 4:30 on, we were on the west side, first at a place where they sell miniature whiskey barrels (during the first hard rain), then at a sword place, a jewelry place, and a bootmaking shop. Right at about normal closing, we stopped at a blacksmith shop, the purveyors of which were gracious enough to give us a demonstration for the next 45-60 minutes. When we left, I think ours was the last vehicle on [the far end] of the lot - I had to get out to unchain the gate (in a full downpour) so that we could get on to the farm-to-market road. It was still raining all the way to Arlington.